And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Did The Day Go?

First, you are each such amazing prayer warriors.  Thank you!!  My heart is so touched by each message that we receive about your faithful prayers on our behalf.  They are such an encouragement.

Second, this is M.  Thought I'd try to give you an update and give my man a break!!!

Last weekend was special as my college roomie and her two new daughters from Ethiopia came to visit.  It was so fun and such a blessing to meet the girls.  As well, a lot of my nurses were from Ethiopia and so they were so excited to meet them or see their pics if they didn't get to meet them.  It was such a special treat.

 Miss P also got to come visit.  She had fun walking the halls with Daddy, on his shoulders.

Once they moved us to the new hospital, they had to do surgery to insert the central line.  Since they were concerned about me having a seizure, they had B scrub in so that he could be there to "catch" me if anything happened.  They had maroon scrubs for him.  He also had to wear a lead apron/vest due to all of the radiation needed for the line placement.  They gave him a camo one and so he was quite the Aggie doc that day!! ; )

The pics below may be graphic for some.  So, just keep scrolling if it's too much.

This is the central line that they have placed in me in order to do the PLEX (plasma exchange).

They use this machine to do all the work.

It takes the blood out of me through one of the tubes, sends it to the machine, spins it/cleans it, and pulls out all of the plasma which holds the antibodies.  Then, it puts the Red Blood Cells, Saline, & Albumin back in through the other tube.

This bag is actually the plasma they have removed from my blood.  Lord willing, all of the little antibodies that they believe are causing these seizures are disappearing with each bag they take away.  It would truly be a miracle if that's what happened!!!

They have explained it to us that it is removing it for a bit, but it will reproduce.  So, they believe the next step is about two years of Chemotherapy to completely shut down my immune system.  However, we are praying for a miracle.
Since kiddos aren't allowed in the ICU or anywhere near, it has been tough.  Talking to Miss P brings me to tears because I just want to hold her in my arms.  So, since yesterday was an off day with treatment, they worked it out that she could go to an office building that we were able to access from the ICU.  Then, they put me in the wheelchair and a nurse took me over to her.  It was wonderful to hug our sweet girl!  We didn't take pics because we were too busy huggin' our girl!!  She got to see Mommy's "funny hat," the heart monitor, and my central line.  So, a bit overwhelming.  However, my Mom explained the heart monitor as a heart TV and she got to watch how mommy's heart jumped up and down because she was so excited to see P.  She apparently talked about the Heart TV the rest of the night.  Mom then explained the central line to P as straws like she uses to drink her milk.  Miss P even tried once to reach over and take a sip from the straw. ; ) 

We got to talk to her last night on Skype which was fun!!!  I love that sweet smile!!!

Thank you all for praying.

Please continue to pray for the overall communication levels here.  It is frightening how many things are not relayed to the next set of nurses, techs, docs, etc.  So, pray that everyone could be on the same page and everyone would listen!!!

We are praying that my fibrinogen levels will increase to fantastic levels to be ready for the next treatment.  This also helps us to avoid having to use donor plasma.  As well, we want calcium levels to stay stable during treatment.

We are continually praising the Lord for HIS provision of care for Miss P through Mom, C, & my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. L!!!  They are all sacrificing so much to make sure she is cared for...

My other HUGE Praise is for the gift of B!!  He has shown me the most precious unconditional and devoted love.  It brings me to tears and encourages my spirit so much!  He has not left my side, he has given me hospital baths in the evening, and he has been an advocate for me throughout this journey.  Thank you, Lord, for this man that you chose for me.  What a gift!  Will you each thank the Lord for B and pray for his energy, endurance, and work?

Finally, if any of you are ever on this side of town, we'd love to see you.

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