And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



So sorry it has taken so long to provide an update.  Clearly, I have not learned to juggle the demands of being a new parent with the basic demands of life.  Thank you all for your love.  It has been so precious and touching to hear from so many people wanting updates!

I will do my best to quickly update you on all that has occured...

This is us leaving Children's Hospital after P's one week stay.  

She is doing much better.  The outfit was what we purchased when we found out we were having a girl.  It was the perfect outfit for many reasons.  However, it was a preemie size and so we didn't even take it with us to the hospital when she was born.  We just thought it would be special memorabilia.  Well, since she's so tiny, she still fits in the outfit!  Daddy and P also matched quite well!! ; )

Headed to her first doctor's appt.
Stop taking pictures of me!!
At the doc's office.
Can you see her cute onesie?  Her cousin, Kristiana, made it for her!!

P's first outing...all snug in the Moby Wrap.
We had to go to Whole Foods for her first outing after the doc appt. 
to get some of the food that I have to eat.
Snuggling with Daddy!!

P & Daddy got to have some good time together last week, as I was in the hospital.  I had a migraine that kept getting worse on top of being in ketoacidosis.  It is very normal (and actually desired) for me to be in a pretty deep state of ketosis due to the treatment for the seizures.  If I'm not in ketosis, I tend to have more seizures.  However, this kept getting worse and all of the prescribed treatments for getting out of ketosis weren't working.  The final treatment recommended by Johns Hopkins (the hospital doing all of the research on the Ketogenic therapy) is to go to the ER and get a bag of glucose.  My doc called it in...however, the ER was far from cooperative.  They refused, despite us bringing in the literature stating that this is the appropriate treatment and my doc ordering it.  However, they said that I had a UTI and mastitis and that my potassium was low.  Thus, they admitted me.

It was a crazy experience and one that I prefer to not repeat.  Mom and a sweet friend of hers came over to the house while I was in the hospital to help with P as B had to get some work done.  Then, B brought P to the hospital where the lactation consultant tried to teach her how to eat without biting me and drawing blood!  Didn't work...she still bites hard.

My seizures have picked up a bit and I'm very confused and disoriented when they are over...we're trying to uncover the reason for the increase and the change in intensity.  

B travels once a month to Texarkana to see some clients for a few days.  It's usually a great time for me to get a lot done around the house.  However, with all of the seizures I am having, I wasn't comfortable being left alone with Miss P for three days.  So, Mom is watching the house and the dogs and P and I came with B to Texarkana.  Please pray with me that we can quickly find an answer or that the miraculous healing will occur!!!

P discovering her world!!

Even in the womb, she always had her hand by her face!!!
Deep thoughts with Daddy!

More to come...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homecoming 2

Praise the Lord!  We're headed home.  We received the all clear and should be headed out in the next half hour.  Please pray for our safe trip home as the roads are pretty icy.  Thank you so much for your prayers and we'll update you soon with lots of cute pictures!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KSBJ Radio- God Listens or Dios Escucha

Many of y'all know that we used to live in Houston.  Our time there is filled with great memories.  We were surrounded by great friends, coworkers, a wonderful church and maybe one of our greatest treasured memories is having a little ol' radio station there.  Totally listener supported KSBJ.

KSBJ has been a blessing and moving to the Dallas area we obviously cannot listen to it in the car...that is until modern technology.  Now today, we are able to listen over the internet, through our phone, etc.  PRAISE GOD!!!  It is so good to hear God's word and music and it has been a blessing during our labor and stay in then NICU.

KSBJ's slogan is that God Listens.  We have truly seen a great testimony to this.  Being located in Houston they at times will even translate God Listens into Dios Escucha.  What a gospel message to truly reach out to all folks in the Houston area!  So why am I sharing this and where am I going with this.

Early this morning we were awoken out of our fragile sleep with an Emergency in the room next to us.  At 3 AM the NICU was very alive and alert as a very young hispanic couple came in with their 4 week old who has very similar issues to that of Critter's.  At this very present time, they have just received news that is not good and the NICU is now in a fight to save this little one's life.  Another difficulty is that this young couple has required a translator for all communication. 

So in the hallway we just visibly saw the exchange of this couple receiving the not so good news on their precious joy.  Our compassion just went out to them as we just a few days prior were in the same boat and very confused, dazed, disoriented, etc.  What a privilege to pray for this couple knowing that our God is not a god of race.  Rather, He is a God that truly covers all- no matter what creed, color, or language, He Listens. 

KSBJ's slogan quickly came to mind and while I do not know a word of Spanish, how awesome it was to confront the young father with a firm handshake, big tears in the backs of his eyes, and compassionately share with him, DIOS ESCUCHA!!!  

Please lift up this young couple and their little joy as the docs are rapidly working to save his life.  

PS-  on the far right of the blog and down the page, you can find a link for KSBJ.  Please give a listen if able while you are on your computer.  One song and you will truly see for yourself that KSBJ is a very unique station that is most likely unlike any other station you have heard.  It means so much for us that we continue to support KSBJ financially as we are able.

B and P

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

  Here's lookin' at you!!!!  First, PRAISE GOD!!!  Critter is continuing to to amaze and impress everyone in the NICU.  Again, we entered here last Friday with a pretty bleak report.  Her labs were all over the board and pretty much a grave concern was present.  In fact, after entering the NICU, her numbers only got worse....THAT was Friday.

Today, is Tuesday!!!  Pierson is officially 8 days old....LABS ARE COMPLETELY NORMAL....they are talking of not sending us home Friday, but now two days early....Tomorrow.

What a powerful testament to our God and Savior that he hears our prayers and is merciful to answer them!  Critter's number are completely normal and as another added concern was whether or not she could receive and digest M's milk.  So far, she is doing very well and the doctors are amazed by improvement.  Lord willing, by the end of today, she will be on a bottle that is completely M's milk. 

So, just a brief update and again a thank you to all of you, our faithful prayer warriors and friends.  

Lord willing our next update will be from our home as we welcome Critter back for a second homecoming!
 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness...Therefore don't worry about tommorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble."    Matthew 6:34

                                             (Home Day Two-  age, 3 days old)

                                          (Meeting Pa for the first-time, Pa cries Uncle)

(Meeting Mimi for the first time- she has the magic touch)

                        (Dad getting to hold Critter for the first time in the NICU)

         (ROCKSTAR NICU Staff-  one of the many who was able to help Critter)

                   (A mother's love!!!!  Holding Critter for the first time in 48 hours)

Dad after only 3 hours of sleep in the NICU

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Update

Day 3 from Children's Hospital-

Praise the Lord!  Critter is continuing to do very well.  ALL of her blood levels have returned back to normal after very critical and scary levels on Friday.  While we are still trying to comprehend the seriousness of Critter's condition that was once, we assumed that we should be able to finally get home tomorrow. 

The great experience that we have had here is the opportunity to spend 10 minutes or so with the Physicians, nurses, and specialists that are responsible for Critter's care and hear from them what their continued action plan is.  Today was hard to hear...

Critter most likely will not get to come home till Friday!!!  After some prayer and yes, some selfishness, seeing such a vast improvement we spoke with Critter's Neonatologist and he did think that we could possibly get her home Wednesday.  so- let's pray that safely this could be the case.  It has been extremely hard for both P and me to not be able to hold Critter for a great length of time.  Further, she is still hooked to all the medical equipment which add to the complexity for time with her. 

Anyway, today is a good day.  Critter's RSV results came in negative so we do not have to wear special gowns, gloves, and masks anymore in the N-ICU.  She has all of her color back and physically looks great!

  • Critter to fully heal and that her emergency will not have any long-term effects
  • Critter's health while still in the N-ICU
  • M's strength and seizure freedom.  She is spent, energy wise.  We're not sure if we are just at her seizure threshold, but things have been well these last few days.
  • Rest-  for both of us.  
  • B's work-  that he is able to work efficiently this week despite the circumstances
  • Please pray for the many other kiddos in the N-ICU.  Critter has a N-ICU mate that appears to be in pretty bad shape and we have yet to see this sweet little baby's folks. We have truly seen the importance of human interaction in Critter's healing and wish the same for this little guy.  We tried last night to just touch him as he was helplessly crying....heartbreaking....and yet, as you might imagine, we could not enter his little unit.  
Thank you for your faithfulness.  I pray that we will all continue to find ALL comfort in the Lord, who is truly our Healer, Provider, Helper in times of need, Forgiver, and most importantly Savior. 

PS- Tomorrow is Critter's 1 week birthday!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

2/05/2011 Update

Morning Glory!!!  The sunrise in the Texas sky is beautiful this morning-Just as beautiful as our answered prayers!  As you can imagine, it was a very long night but we are seeing some amazing improvement in what seemed fairly bleak in the late hours last night.  Bottom-line, Critter is in a state of Metabolic Acidosis.  Most likely caused from dehydration.  But things were very scary in that her blood gas levels were unusually high, her breathing was very irregular, and at each check her numbers were increasing- NOT GOOD!  

Now some could end the story there, but as you may have already heard-  we have a team of great physicians here at Children's, but we have an even greater Physician who happens to have privileges at every hospital, home, and heart.  Around 2AM, we had a visit with the Fellow on call who was able to provide us with an update and a game plan. 

Step one-  Insert a venous and arterial line from Critter's navel/leftover umbilical cord.  Amazing that this is even possible!!!  The reasoning for inserting the line was to minimize the number of sticks and stressors that she would endure as they would need to continue to take multiple blood draws throughout her stay here. 
      Amazing, though it looked like what remained of her cord was near impossible to be able to do the line, they were able to get it and now do and all future blood draws without having to try to find such tiny veins for future draws. 

Step two-  Need to get her levels stable.  Without much detail-  know that her Glucose levels, Creatinine, Respiratory rate, Lactate, Ammonia, Potassium, and CO2 levels were all WAY OUT OF RANGE.

Step three- PRAY-  the seriousness of Critter's situation was more defined at this early morning meeting.  If the docs had not been able to get the results they wanted, more invasive and less desirable treatment would have needed to follow.

Around 3:30 this morning, new blood numbers were drawn.....EVERYTHING had started to correct!  While we are still a tad out of range in some areas, it was a GREAT sign of progress.  For the first time in over 12 hours Critter was even able to produce urine.

The first few nights of having her home were tough with all the crying and diaper changing.  Now, we rejoice in every tear and drop of urine!!

Rounds begin at 9am and so we will have a chance to eventually speak with a doc and see what the next step will be in her care.

Stay tuned and stay on your knees...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beggin' for Prayers for Our Sweet Girl

Many of you who have followed our journey in the Foxhole can probably imagine with me that Critter will most likely be some great doctor!!!!  Why or how can I be so definitive?   Well, within Critter's first few months of life she will have visited MD Anderson to be with her Daddy as he does his semi-annual exam and the a month or so thereafter to be with her Mommy at the Mayo Clinic.  So case closed, before Critter is 6 months she will have visited two world-renowned medical institutions.

Little did we know that she would begin the process early with an admittance to the ER at 4 days old.

Yep, you read right, ER!!!

Parenthood has started with a bit of a bump in the road that we are hoping to always look back on as a marker of God's goodness and His healing!!

Our precious little miracle, didn't sleep much at all once we brought her home.  Then, this morning, she slept very well and much longer than she should have...we began to be concerned.  She wouldn't nurse.  I tried giving her a bath to wake her, still no real reaction....

We called the pediatrician and she recommended we come see her quickly.  Then, P's temp started dropping and the doc had us call 911.  So, we were rushed to the local hospital (they wouldn't take us to Children's because of the weather). 

P went through the rigmarole at the local hospital.  Poor baby even had to have a Spinal Tap.  I had my first spinal tap at the same hospital about twenty plus years ago...Anyway, their concerns were meningitis, metabolic disorders, etc.  They ruled out meningitis, but were still concerned about metabolic disorders.

However, they got the ball rolling the minute we arrived and had a transport request to Children's.  They accepted our little angel.  So, we are now at Children's.  I had hoped that the pics we would post in these first few days would have her in cute little outfits with lots of big bows in her hair.  Instead, she has lots of tape, and tubing.  

So....PRAYERS!!!!  The doctors are still confused and it looks like that at a minimum, we'll be here for the next 3 days.  Again they are looking at Metabolic Disorders.  If any of you would like to be a physician you can help diagnose her:
  • Rapid Breathing
  • High Blood Sugar/Hyperglycemia
  • Severe Dehydration
  • Low Carbon Dioxide
Stay tuned for more information as we receive it and as well, picture soon of bows and dresses!

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    It's Here......

    So our life was already changed, but TODAY, yes today!!!, well, actually last night, YES LAST NIGHT! Pierson Savannah Fox was born.  PSF aka "Critter" was born at 8:23 PM weighing a whopping 6.94 lbs and measuring every bit of 18 inches!

    Already Critter has been a delight.  We cannot stop praising the Lord for the Good things He has done! 

    (Special Family Prayer Time- our new little kit)

     So without any further delay, here is the whole story:

    M went to bed Sunday evening with a little feeling of a contraction.  Things did progress and come 4:10 AM Monday was time!  We officially woke at 4:30 and began counting our contractions and timing the length and frequency of each.  By 7:00, our amazing Doula was at our home coaching M through each contraction.  Things seemed to be progressing very well and by 9:00 the Doula recommended that we head to the doc to get a check-up to see where we were at.  We arrived at the doc around 10:30, he liked the progress and sent us to Labor & Delivery!!!!

    By 11:30 or so we were set in for the day in our room and M's contractions were progressing very nicely...but at 4:00 it was apparent that our hope to keeps things as natural as possible were not going to continue as it was determined that for the amount of time that M had been "working"  she had not progressed near enough.  It was actually due to Critter's position...against M's backbone.  So, with an epidural and a  "pretzel" position, we flipped Critter and by 7:00 we were in position to deliver.  With a little more meds in the epidural we began pushing at 7:30.....

    Voila-  Critter came at 8:23 PM.....Side bar--- please note the time (Our wedding date 8/23).  Who said God doesn't have fun with our lives!

    We are doing well and very thankful that Critter came into our world yesterday.  We are especially grateful as many of you have experienced the winter blizzard of 2011 that has kept most of Texas at home today. 

    So what have we learned...B aka dad, can totally change fact P has not changed a diaper yet!!!!  Critter is absoultely amazing and we are having such a great time holding and loving her.  What a bond. 

    I am sure more will come over the next couple of days.  We can't wait to introduce you to our precious joy and miracle!

    (Please note a true lady never leaves home without her pearls)