And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Nate Update-WOW!!!!

"Please report that final report is clear, no cancer. Amen, praise God. Right now have everyone pray for #s to rise quickly so we can start. The day his #s rise high enough, he starts so it could be any day. Wes Oxford"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nate Update

"Because many are wondering, here is the update so far. All tests have come back clear so far. The final cultures will be in by Monday. Please continue to pray, God bless. Many great things continue to happen, let's keep praying. Wes Oxford"

Friday, August 27, 2010

From Connor's Mommy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

JOySuffering has also created in me a special yearning for my Heavenly Home.  I think we all have a sense of Heaven, but suffering brings Heaven to the forefront of our hearts and minds.
Even Connor had a special yearning for his Real home. In the spring of '08, Connor informed me that he wanted to go home (as we're sitting in our family room).  I said, "We are home, silly".  He said, "no, my real home.  God is my Heavenly Father, so Heaven is my real home."  I said, "You're right, but are you really ready to go home now?"  He smiled and answered, "not yet, Mommy.  I'm not ready yet."  At the time, I wondered if that was some kind of foreshadowing.  I was praying that it wasn't some kind of warning or preparation that God was using to get me ready for Connor's home-going.  As I see it now, God was preparing Connor's heart for his eternal home.
Tait and I often said that Connor always knew that he was just passing through this place on his way HOME. He never slept in his own room.  He slept with MacKenzie when he was really young and then Carson when he got older.  He gave his money to Carson to put in his piggy bank, so they could share their money.  He never collected baseball cards or special items.  He would always give them away.  Connor and Carson shared their clothes and closet.  I think the closer he got to his Home-going, the more he yearned for it and had a true sense of it.
Carrie Underwood has a new song out, called "My Temporary Home".  From her lyrics, I can tell that she gets it, too.
Little boy, 6 years old
A little too used to bein' alone
Another new mom and dad, another school
Another house that'll never be home
When people ask him how he likes this place He looks up and says with a smile upon his face
"This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going I'm not afraid because I know this is my Temporary Home."
Young mom on her own
She needs a little help got nowhere to go She's lookin' for a job, lookin' for a way out Because a half-way house will never be a home At night she whispers to her baby girl Someday we'll find a place here in this world
Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
And he whispers don't cry for me
I'll see you all someday
He looks up and says "I can see God's face"
"This is my temporary Home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through This was just a stop, on the way To where I'm going I'm not afraid because I know this was My temporary home."
This is our temporary home.  Thank you, Lord, for making it possible for us to have a permanent Home with you in Heaven.
Always believing,
Joy Cruse

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayers for Nate from his Daddy

"Please pray for Nate tomorrow morning he is having both a lumbar puncture and a bone biopsy to check for any cancer. If there is any, then treatment is over and we go home. This is the final step before transplant can be done, which should start on Monday. This has been a long road and we have to make this hurdle to get to transplant. Thank you for your prayers and we know that God is with us. Wes Oxford"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update from Wes on Nate

"Praise God for HE is an awesome God. The final report on today's MRI is clear, no detectable cancer in the brain or spine. We rejoice in this and thank all of you for the prayers. There are a couple of twists the doctor told us today that we have to overcome before proceeding with the transplant. The first is Nate's numbers have to recover and relatively soon. He has been at an overall number of 0, essentially a very low immune system, for over a week now. If it were not for the fact that he is on heavy antibiotics continuously here in the hospital to clear his infection, he would not be able to fight off other infections at this time. He received so much chemo a couple of weeks ago to get rid of the brain cancer that it wrecked his immune system and counts. We are getting into a very dangerous area if it does not come up by this weekend the doctor said. The other hurdle is the need for a clear lumbar puncture, which can't be performed until his numbers come up. The lumber puncture is what caught the cancer last time, without a clear one, treatment halts and we could go home. I know that was a lot to say, but for today the fight stays on track and we have much to rejoice in. I have to be honest, I was worried about today. Nate had been complaining about things he had complained about in the past that showed up on MRIs as tumor, but God had mercy on him and us. I have a strong belief in the abilities of God, many times I am confused on why and where all of this is going but I know that HE is the one in control. I know we have a long way to go and possibly might have to go through things that have never been attempted before, but I feel at peace today and I truly stand in a healthy fear of the LORD, for all of us are in HIS hands and HE can choose to do with us as HE pleases whether we realize or accept it, and as odd as it sounds, that is just fine with me because I believe HE has some awesome things in store ahead and this is all just part of the plan. May you find strength in knowing Jesus as your friend also and not just your Savior, you will need HIM one day to help you in ways that no one else can, God bless you all. Wes"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prayers for Nate from his Daddy

"Tomorrow, the 17th, is the big MRI. If it is clear then treatment goes on, if it is not then we go home. Thank you for all the prayers and support you all have given us. Please gather with us and others and cry out to our loving father in heaven and ask for another miracle regarding Nate. Lately he has been showing some symptoms that indicate disease progression, but we know that this is all in our LORD'S hands and HE can do anything. Today please wherever you are say a prayer for Nate that he is clear of disease and will live a long life on this earth showing others what GOD can do. I pray also that no matter what your circumstance in life is right now, whether high or low, you find peace and understanding in the scriptures that our LORD has given us and ask guidance from the giver of all good things our savior Jesus Christ. May God be with you, Wes."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/14 Nate Update

"Nate was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a fever. He needed two transfusions along with antibiotics. His fever has not broken yet. His blood work does show he has an infection, if the fever continues they will add in another antibiotic. Please pray for his counts to recover quickly and that this will be a short stay. He has been feeling very good and was sad when he realized he had to stay at the hospital."

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a...

Today was our follow-up visit with the high-risk OB.  I didn't want to find out boy/girl sitting in the room with doc.  So, B had a great idea:

He got a cute little bag with babies on the front, blue & pink tissue paper, & swatches of blue & pink fabric.  We gave the bag to the nurse and told the doc we didn't want to know while at the appt.  So, they were just supposed to put the right color fabric in the bag and wrap it for us!!

So, doc did the Ultrasound and our baby is very healthy.  Weighs about 5 oz.  Baby's brain, palate, heart, spine, every other organ, etc., all look great!!!  Praise the LORD!!!!

Isn't our baby precious?

When we got in the car, we couldn't decide what to we just sit in the truck & open the bag?  Do we go somewhere special?  Then, my unbelievable hubby & our little baby's amazing daddy had an idea.  He started searching in his phone and then started driving.

As a kiddo, Mom always had me dressed in Chocolate Soup outfits.  It's a kiddo clothing store that is just adorable!  Anyway, B pulled up in front of Chocolate Soup (I didn't know there were even any of these stores still open) and said we could get our baby it's first outfit!!  Isn't he already a wonderful & super creative Daddy?!

B opened the package.  They had a card wrapped up.  So, he gave me the card.  I opened it, and this is what we saw:

The tears immediately started flowing...

We did get her a cute little outfit.  However, she already has her Daddy wrapped around her little fingers.  He saw this pink puppy and carried it through the store snuggling with it.  He put it back on the shelf once.  It drew him back in, though.  Daddy couldn't help himself.  He had to spoil his little girl!!!  ; )

This is the picture that we sent to our parents to let them know about their granddaughter!!!

Our little girl's new puppy from her Daddy!

He told me that when we got home, I needed to hear the song that he had for his daughter.

Here is the video!  Make sure you pause the music at the top, on the right hand side of the blog.

The Lyrics to Daddy's Little Girl:
I recall the night that you came into this world.
I couldn't believe the doctor when he said: 'It's a little girl.'
I said: 'Now Doc, you must be wrong. You see I want a boy.'
Then he laid you in my arms and my heart sang with joy.

(Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl,
(I'm the centre of Daddy's world.
(I know I'm Daddy's number one,
(For he loves me like I was his son.
(Daddy's Girl.)

I recall the day I took you to a baseball game.
You brought along your baby doll and half its' baby things.
We sat there a-playin' house, while the Dodgers played the Braves.
And ev'ryone in the bleachers looked at us as if to say.

(Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl,
(I'm the centre of Daddy's world.
(I know I'm Daddy's number one,
(For he loves me like I was his son.
(Daddy's Girl.)

I recall the day I took you on a fishin' trip,
You said: 'Daddy won't that hook hurt the fishes' lip?'
And you said if they don't get air, those things in the can will die.
So we turned the worms all loose and chased some butterflies.

(Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl,
(I'm the centre of Daddy's world.
(I know I'm Daddy's number one,
(For he loves me like I was his son.
(Daddy's Girl.)

I recall the day that your young man come to call.
Seems like only yesterday, you swam and played football.
But I know the time has come, that I must set you free.
But no matter where you are, you know what you are to me.

(Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl,
(I'm the centre of Daddy's world.
(I know I'm Daddy's number one,
(For he loves me like I was his son.
(Daddy's Girl.)

(Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl,
(I'm the centre of Daddy's world.
(I know I'm Daddy's number one,
(For he loves me like I was his son.
(Daddy's Girl.) 

The other song that he said he likes for his little girl is this one!!  It doesn't start until about the 22 second mark....
The lyrics to It'll Come Back:

On our little girls third birthday,
She got a sandbox, In the backyard to play.
Sand was everywhere as she play and she laughed.
I busted her, For it killed all the grass.

It'll come back, It'll come back
Daddy don't be mad, God and the rain will bring it back.

When our little girl, Just turned ten,
She got a bike to ride with all her friends.
She skinned both her knees, as she played and she laughed.
I busted her. For it killed all the grass.

It'll come back, It'll come back
Daddy don't be mad, God and the rain will bring it back.

When our little girl, Turned seventeen.
We built her a pool, In the backyard that spring.
All her friends came and they swam and they splashed.
I busted her, For it killed all the grass.

It'll come back, It'll come back
Daddy don't be mad, God and the rain will bring it back.

My wife and I sit on the porch alone.
As I look out across at my beautiful lawn
The house is quiet, There's no children at play.
And I say to my wife.
"Honey, If you'll listen real close, You can still hear her say..."

It'll come back (It'll come back). It'll come back (It'll come back)
Daddy don't be mad, God and the rain will bring it back.
It'll come back (It'll come back). It'll come back (It'll come back)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Connor's Mommy

As I get older, I have become more and more aware of the fact that SUFFERING is such a major part of the world, of this fallen world.  I know that may seem to be a funny statement, but I think that as a child we are always of the mind set that everything is rosy and life is full of fairy-tale endings.  But now, I see that life is also filled with life stories that don't match up with these fairy tales that I so often imagined as a child.  It doesn't match up when a one year old, Walker Rainey, passed away from cancer yesterday.  Or when my friend's husband left her and her children last year.  So many of my friends have lost their jobs, too, and are struggling to support their family.  The list goes on.  At one time, these everyday trials surprised me, as if they were not a normal part of life.  Now, I'm no longer surprised.  Just as Peter said...
"Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.  But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed."
I Peter 4:12-13
So, now I'm trying to understand what good can come from suffering.  
How can God's glory be revealed?  Dr. David McKinley, our friend who is a pastor in Augusta, Georgia, has this perspective on suffering.
"Suffering forces us to turn from shallow distractions and smaller irritations to consider the ultimate issues in life.  It helps us get our eyes on something that really matters.  Too much of our time is spent worrying about things that don't' matter.
Suffering is the great purifier of the pettiness that often consumes us in life.  One of the reasons some of us never develop into PEOPLE OF GREAT CHARACTER is because we constantly give our attention to the petty things of life.  Commentator George Will says 'pettiness is the tendency of people without large purposes.'  If you live with a larger sense of purpose, than you're not going to let your life be burned up by all the little things that really don't matter.  This is the spiritual gift of pettiness and pouting.  If we ever lose sight of what we are about for eternity - in preaching the gospel, in seeing people redeemed, and helping people who suffer to have a hope and a heaven that is yet to come - then we miss everything that really matters in life and we focus on all the wrong things.
That's why Peter says here, "you are tested in the genuineness of your faith, so that it is more precious than gold."
Your life needs to count for more than just the petty trivialities that so often consume us.  So suffering in life matters."
I saw this very principle worked out in our lives.  When Connor was first diagnosed, our lives were immediately simplified.  No longer did we worry about the small things.  It was like our mind/energy and focus were all wiped clean and we only had what was important set before us.  So, I agree with Pastor McKinley that suffering is the great purifier.  I pray that we can all wipe away all those petty trivialities and focus on what really matters in life - what we are doing for God's Kingdom.
Please pray for two families who have lost their children to cancer recently - Walker Rainey's family and Carlin Ascher's family.  Thank you.
Always believing,
Joy Cruse

Friday, August 6, 2010

MD Anderson update

Just a quick update for y'all as we are headed home.  We will be sure to do a more thorough update once we return home.

Bottom line, B is STILL CANCER FREE!!!!  Praise the Lord and thank you to everyone for your continued prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nate Update

"Nate is currently getting one more round of chemo before the transplant. He has been in the hospital since Monday and will finish chemo on Friday. The doctors feel strongly that we need to make sure this newest development in his brain responds to chemo prior to transplant. He will have a break next week from chemo (as always still many doctors appts). The following week the brain scan along with the lumbar puncture will be repeated. If he shows a positive response then we will proceed with transplant. As I have said before this treatment is built around Nate, so things do change often. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MD Anderson

Just a quick request for all of your prayers!!

We arrived this afternoon at MD Anderson for B's six-month follow up visits.  As the wife (especially the pregnant wife), these visits always make me a tad nervous!  We know the Lord can heal HIM just as quickly as he did last time, but we prefer for the cancer to never come back...EVER!!!  Please, Lord!!

So, he goes back any minute for his scans.

We have my follow up with the neurologist tomorrow.

We come back Friday morning to get B's results.

So, precious prayer warriors, please lift up my man to the Lord that he is still Cancer FREE!!  Thank you for always being such amazing prayer warriors!!

We love you all!