And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, April 10, 2015

Good things come to those who...

...break their toes!!

What?  Yes, you read that correctly.

In 2002, after returning from Christmas Break, I broke my toe going up the stairs of my house in college.  Yes, up the stairs!!  What a klutz!!  Anyway, because I had to keep it elevated for so long, I didn't get out of the house much.

Prior to the Christmas Break, I ran in to B at an Aggie Volleyball game.  He asked if I would pray for his family because his Dad was probably going to be losing his job with a small company, you might have heard of them, Enron!!!  Granny was in a terrible car accident over the break.  This offered me the opportunity to sit by her hospital bed each day and pray over her, sing to her, and pray for B's family, as well! 

When I returned to Aggieland for the Spring Semester, I wanted to know about B's family.  How was his dad?  What had happened?  However, Momma raised me that "girls don't call boys."  So, I waited, but it was driving me crazy.  All of a sudden, I cared more about this guy that was just a friend and wanted to know about his family.

Then, my phone rang!  No, it wasn't B, it was a friend, Mark, that had been in the Corps.  He was a Christian musician and was going to be performing on the quad (where the Corps lives).  The Corps Chaplains were having a "back to the quad bbq" for the freshman!  They had the head baseball coach coming to share his testimony and Mark was going to be leading worship.  Mark knew that I wasn't able to get out much & so he was inviting me to come to the quad.  So, I made a deal with God ; ) that if I didn't see B when I went to the quad, I was going to call him when I got back to the house.  Is it a good idea to make deals with God?  Not so much, HE's GOD, HE can handle it without our ideas as to how we think life should play out!!!!

So, I get to the quad, get out of the car, & the first person that I saw was B!!  Wow!  When did he get so good lookin'?!  I can still see him standing there!  Whoa!  I stood with him for most of the event & he walked me to my car when it was over.  A few days later, he called and asked me to Military Ball!!  I reminded him that I had a broken toe & that would make it quite difficult to dance.  He told me not to worry that he didn't need to dance.  Well, after speaking with many of our friends, I learned that B knows how to "cut a rug!"  So, I began drinking all the milk I could find and taking calcium supplements hoping that my toe would heal miraculously overnight.

The night of military ball arrived and I put on my heels (ouch!!) and danced the night away...the rest is history!!  A broken toe brought about a solid marriage!!!

So, why all the details??  We are praying for good things to come of my newly broken toe-the same one that I broke prior to military ball!!

I didn't get to ride with B to get P from school yesterday.  So, I wanted to surprise P with big hugs when she got home.  Usually, she tries to sneak in and surprise me.  I was hoping I could do the surprising this time.  As I heard them come in the door, I wanted to get to the back door in time for a big hug to be waiting for her.  However, I realized I wouldn't make it.  So, I tried to rush and hide in the Living Room behind the couch.  My sweet girl saw me and came running.  So, I tried to "slide" in for a big hug and felt an awful snap!!! 

Once I got hugs from my sweet girl, I told B that I had a broken toe and we needed to get to the doc quickly.  He was amazing!!!  He got the doc's office on the phone, loaded each of us back in his truck, and we went to the doc's office.  I called Mom to see if she could meet us because B had an appt in about twenty minutes that had already been rescheduled once by the client.  So, I didn't want him to miss this one.  Turns out Mom was with clients, but she still came to make sure that P was safe, if I had a seizure.  So, once they did the X-ray, B rushed to his appt. and Mom took over.  The client never arrived and about thirty minutes after their appt. time, let him know they wouldn't be making it.  So, he rushed back up to the doc's office to relieve Mom and get me.

This is what the doc found:

Yep, that's a break!  Same toe!  So, now I only have to worry about choosing one shoe each day since I have an enormous boot to wear!

P has been so precious in wanting to take care of Mommy!  It's touched my heart so much to see her love, as well!

Since a break was the start of a lasting foundation in our marriage!  Since Christ was broken to offer us an eternal foundation in HIM....we are praying that good things will come from this break, as well!