And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KSBJ Radio- God Listens or Dios Escucha

Many of y'all know that we used to live in Houston.  Our time there is filled with great memories.  We were surrounded by great friends, coworkers, a wonderful church and maybe one of our greatest treasured memories is having a little ol' radio station there.  Totally listener supported KSBJ.

KSBJ has been a blessing and moving to the Dallas area we obviously cannot listen to it in the car...that is until modern technology.  Now today, we are able to listen over the internet, through our phone, etc.  PRAISE GOD!!!  It is so good to hear God's word and music and it has been a blessing during our labor and stay in then NICU.

KSBJ's slogan is that God Listens.  We have truly seen a great testimony to this.  Being located in Houston they at times will even translate God Listens into Dios Escucha.  What a gospel message to truly reach out to all folks in the Houston area!  So why am I sharing this and where am I going with this.

Early this morning we were awoken out of our fragile sleep with an Emergency in the room next to us.  At 3 AM the NICU was very alive and alert as a very young hispanic couple came in with their 4 week old who has very similar issues to that of Critter's.  At this very present time, they have just received news that is not good and the NICU is now in a fight to save this little one's life.  Another difficulty is that this young couple has required a translator for all communication. 

So in the hallway we just visibly saw the exchange of this couple receiving the not so good news on their precious joy.  Our compassion just went out to them as we just a few days prior were in the same boat and very confused, dazed, disoriented, etc.  What a privilege to pray for this couple knowing that our God is not a god of race.  Rather, He is a God that truly covers all- no matter what creed, color, or language, He Listens. 

KSBJ's slogan quickly came to mind and while I do not know a word of Spanish, how awesome it was to confront the young father with a firm handshake, big tears in the backs of his eyes, and compassionately share with him, DIOS ESCUCHA!!!  

Please lift up this young couple and their little joy as the docs are rapidly working to save his life.  

PS-  on the far right of the blog and down the page, you can find a link for KSBJ.  Please give a listen if able while you are on your computer.  One song and you will truly see for yourself that KSBJ is a very unique station that is most likely unlike any other station you have heard.  It means so much for us that we continue to support KSBJ financially as we are able.

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  1. Praying that your next post is from home, with a miraculously cured little girl. She is just beautiful....a blondie for sure!!! So happy for you guys. You have such amazing perspective through all the challenges life hands you.

  2. can you get KSBJ via satellite radio or hd radio? We just moved and i really, really miss KSBJ. It is such a blessing to have access to radio station like that.