And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Croup, there it is....

Pardon the '90s one hit wonder pun...

Turns out she got much worse this afternoon.
We are praying this is a one time thing and it will be over soon.

B spent almost the entire day on the phone with insurance companies & car dealerships to try to get his truck repaired.  Turns out that if he replaced the ignition cylinder (rather than rebuilding it), it requires some type of special code from Ford due to the anti-theft stuff on the truck.  Ford isn't being helpful at all.  Does anyone have any good connections with Ford?  They are seriously being very difficult.  We need them to provide "the code" to the dealership to reset the anti-theft.

On the other hand, our local Chevy dealership fought for B's business.  So, this afternoon our insurance company was going to tow his truck to the dealership.  They thought they would arrive about 3:45p.  Miss P woke up from her nap unable to really breathe at all.  Mom stopped by around that time and we all agreed she needed to get in to see the doc quickly.

About that time the towing company called to say they were sitting in the parking lot looking for B's truck.  So, he had to jump in Miss C's car and race up there while C, Miss P, and I jumped in the car and rushed to the doc's office.

Turns out they didn't bring a big enough tow truck to get his truck.  So, they had to call for a flat bed.  In the meantime, B kept working on it.  He was able to get it started and he drove it to the dealership.  Mom then took him back to C's car & he met us just in time at the doc's office.

Doc said it's definitely croup and her airway is so constricted she feels the need to act quickly.  So, she wanted to do a steroid treatment and epinephrine nebulizer.  Miss P could not stand the medicine.  She was spitting it all over the place, crying hysterically, and then threw everything up.  It was so heartbreaking.  That's when B arrived and he tried every trick up his sleeve, too.  She would not take the medicine.  So, they moved on to the nebulizer and she fought that like crazy with plenty of tears involved, as well..  Then, all of a sudden, she stopped, calmed down, took it in her own hands and held it for the rest of the treatment.

In Daddy's arms being a big girl and getting the treatment.

We are so proud of her!  She did such a good job.  Then, they had to come in and give her a shot for the medicine that she could not take orally.  She was one tough cookie.  She barely flinched while the rest of us were almost in tears because we didn't want her to be hurt by the shot after all she had been through...she even got the doc to stay in and hold her hand while the nurse gave the shot.

Once we left the office, she got a treat of Sonic Ice and we headed home, ate dinner, did a few steam showers, and then she sat on our bed and read her new book with Daddy!

What a Daddy will do for his girl.  Yes, this is one of my headbands and he let us put it on him for her!!!

That's my man and I'm so smitten with him!!  Wow!!!

See how her hair is starting to curl from all of the steam showers.  She wanted to take everyone's temp, including the pillow, blankets, etc.

So, once she finished her book, she went to bed almost immediately.  Please pray that she makes it through the night, gets the rest she needs, and gets well quickly.

As well, they don't have a good estimate on when B's truck will be ready.  So, please say a prayer that it's ready tomorrow or that we can find a loaner car so that he can get to work, etc.

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