And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update on Nate's Celebration

Wes Oxford 1:12pm Jan 30
Hello everyone, I just wanted to see if I could help bring some clarity. We have had several people message, call, email, etc asking about the event on Feb 8. I now realize I should have explained it better in the original post. That night is his memorial or funeral event, but there will be no body there. We are having Nate cremated to always have his remains with us, so there will be no viewings, open caskets, wakes, or graveside services. Feb 8 will have a praise and worship band playing several of our and Nate's worship songs much like a worship night at church or a Hillsong or Chris Tomlin type concert. There will also be a few speakers: our minister, a good friend, and myself talking about Nate and his life. Also there will be a video going over his life. The auditorium will have signs, pictures, Nate's artwork, and kid made things around for people to view on their way in and out. It is a set program much like any service with the whole thing lasting around an hour and a half. It will be great for the whole family. We want to celebrate his life and the victory of eternity with Jesus. Hopefully this brings clarity and answers a lot of the questions. We really do want to see all of you there so if you can at all make it please come, I know it will be outstanding for the heart and soul. Look forward to seeing you there. God bless

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebration of Nate's Life

Wes Oxford 12:10pm Jan 29
Ok, I just got confirmation. Please come help us celebrate the life of Nate. We are having a praise and worship style festive celebration in the main auditorium of Lake Pointe church in Rockwall, TX. For those not familiar, Lake Pointe seats around 5,000 people so we could accommodate as many as possible. We would love to see you all there and please spread the word to anyone you think might need this information. The date is Friday February 8, 2013 at 7pm so no need to get a babysitter or take off work...and please bring the kids...its going to be great for all. Thank you so much and look forward to honoring God because of how HE has loved Nate and us all.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Huggin' Jesus

Wes Oxford 11:13am Jan 28
Nate passed this morning at 8:50am. We fully believe all that died was his body that has gone through so much in his brief six years on earth. His soul and spirit (Nate himself) never will die. God has used him to teach many people all over the world, mostly us, so much about God Himself. We praise God for giving us all Nate. Please come anyone and everyone to come celebrate his life...details coming here before too long. Nate is cancer free forever and its time to rejoice in that. Please post pics, stories, memories, etc here (Pray for Little Nate facebook page) so we can read them and smile with you. We love you Nate and have fun, one day we all will be together once again. Praise God for allowing us to be your parents, friends, and brothers in Christ together.

Precious Friends

This time last year, we were in Houston for B's scans and follow-ups at MD Anderson.  We stay with some dear friends because B is not allowed to touch P for 24 hrs after his scan.  So, they have always been precious to offer an extra set of hands to help me with P!!!

This is Miss P and Miss A last year!

This is Miss P and Miss A this year!!  They are both growing up so much!

Having a tea party!

Huggin' on our friend!  She sang at our wedding!

Picnic for was Miss S's b-day and she wanted a picnic for lunch!!!
They sent us each of these pictures while B was in his scans at MD Anderson.

Such dear and precious friends!  We love you!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Wes Oxford 6:20pm Jan 25
Hello everyone, we are still in the hospital here at Dallas Children's in the ICU. We were hoping this would be peaceful and quick but lots of things have gone on that have made it difficult to get home. Nate's seizures had started back and he would have some lasting as long as two hours at a time. They finally got those to stop late yesterday afternoon. He is asleep and not responding, but his hands and feet jerk back if pulled. His breathing is very heavy and sounds loud and raspy. Since it is not tumor that is coating his brain it is not the tumor shutting down the brain but actually his brain is dying off slowly and making less and less things work. It is very hard to watch because you want him to just jump up and dance on the bed and be healed because he is still here, but you know this is not good with these seizures, slow brain death, the breathing, etc. The prayer is be healed or just to be settled down and pass peacefully. We want this to be as comfortable as possible for him...get rest Nate. We would love for you to stay with us..we so much would love that...but it looks like this is your time to go be with Jesus so please God let him have peace...please God help him and wrap your arms around him for eternity.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Wes Oxford 6:38pm Jan 23
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but here it is. Dr Brown and Finlay reviewed the MRI and called us. The doctor was crying, they love Nate. Nate's brain has starting shutting down and the sight, seizures, confusion, hardly talking, etc is the brain dying bit by bit. Even if there was no tumor at all, Nate is close to brain death. They will be giving him some medicines to help to die in the most comfortable way possible later tonight once his brothers come to visit. From there they will try to get him home and hospice will help until the end if that has not already happened here. Right now we are going to savor every moment we have left as a family and know that God will take good care of him until we are all together again one day. I love Nate so much and have learned so much from him and will honor his life for the rest of mine. Please understand right now we don't need any visitors so we can be together and spend our time with Nate. We would however love to see as many of you who can come to his celebration of life when that does happen. Nate is a special kid and deserves a huge celebration. Thank you LORD for giving us Nate and take him in your perfect time, please don't let him suffer anymore and tell him to smile and show you his beautiful blue eyes because they have forever captured my heart and have impacted the lives of many all over the world. To God be the glory. Amen.


For our Ninth Anniversary last year, B took me to a Rangers game!!!

I love this man!!
We love sushi & so we picked some up on our way to have for dinner!  There is nothing as American as Baseball & that how the saying goes?
Rangers won!!!
There was a Fireworks show at the end of the game!

I sure love this man and love celebrating our covenant with the Lord and each other forever!!!!!

Wednesday Nate Update

Wes Oxford 7:26am Jan 23
Update: Yesterday and overnight have been very eventful. First off, regarding the MRIs and other scans and what we know for sure up to this point: Nate has a very active brain right now that is causing things to go on all over his body that the ICU doctors have been trying to find how to correct. The two main concerns right now in the eyes of Dallas are the constant seizures he has been having both seen and unseen and his blood pressure along with heart rate staying so high. As of right now, because things could change instantly throughout the day, both are finally being controlled they believe. To get both of those under control has been a huge fight. Nate has been put on multiple meds of extreme amounts to make that happen and though so far that has worked, the body can't keep getting that amount of meds just to stay within functioning range. Second thing, we know from the scans that Nate has a lot of excess water in the brain that is not being absorbed and circulated the way a normal central nervous system would do. The ventricles in his brain are very large right now. When looked at here in Dallas the reasoning is degradation from a source that can not be pinpointed. In other words, might be tumor that is not located, might be past treatments, might be the seizures, and might be that the brain is just plain wore out. The radiology findings here read very vague and general and not much can be learned from them. The great ICU department here in Dallas is trying desperately to help Nate get to Los Angeles because the oncologists and the brain team here have decided that he is not a candidate for anymore treatment or procedures that may or may not correct the situation. This is where Los Angeles and Drs Finlay and Brown come back in. We have been down some hopeless looking roads before with these doctors and so far they have done more than could have ever been expected. We would have definitely been sent home almost anywhere else and quite possibly everywhere else so words can't describe our gratitude to them. We also want to make this clear we do not feel negative toward any other hospital, institution, or doctor out many people in Dallas, Ft Worth, New York, Duke, Seattle, and Denver have agreed to help him before and gave it their best effort and attention at one point or the other...Nate is a very complex case and not much has made sense over the years and the most logical thing to do was to just stop. We as his parents and his doctors in Los Angeles have without a doubt pushed this thing further than advised or the range of the normal range of comfort. The reason has always been because God has allowed Nate to stay very strong through all of this. No doubt that Nate in the world's eyes should have been dead a long time ago. Even his LA docs and me and Jackie are amazed at what God has blessed Nate with. Why? I don't know except to keep giving the praise to God.

Yesterday afternoon I overnighted the MRIs to Finlay and Brown. They have been talking extensively with the ICU doctors here in Dallas and the cooperation has been fantastic. LA will review the scans sometime today very thorough and include anyone that might help them further to decide whether or not there is a sliver of a chance that anything more can be done. As optimistic, out of the box, and cutting edge as they have been, Nate's best interest is always paramount and these doctors genuinely love him...we have literally spent hours and hours with them through the years and this is more than just doctor and patient. We as his parents and they as his doctors and friends will only proceed forward if it makes any kind of sense. We want God's will to shine here and this decision to be made with the wisdom HE has given all of us...both them and us...these are God fearing men and acknowledge that much more than just what they have done had kept Nate alive. Please pray for them, us as his parents, and for Nate. We want God's will to be done. If after careful consideration, thought, prayer, and research then the decision is no more then the ICU here will stabilize him and we go home on hospice...if the answer is yes, then Nate will be flown in Dallas Children's medical plane hooked to machines to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Nate will immediately begin the next step. This is a big couple of days and does not need to be taken lightly so when they make their decision may not be today. They are agreeing to one more chance to evaluate the situation and discuss with us in detail their decision and thoughts...that is more than we could be expected...they are truly doing this out of love. We will post more once we know more...please pray for all of us. Praise God for HE is in complete control and HE hears our prayers for wisdom. To HIM be all the glory...thank you God thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nate Update

Jackie Oxford 5:43pm Jan 22
Nate had an EEG today to check for seizure activity. It revealed rather quickly that he is having very frequent seizures. The test will continue until they can find the right dose of medicine to hopefully stop the seizures. Most of them are not visible to us, besides the faraway gazes. We are waiting for Nate's doctors in Los Angeles to read his MRI, before we make any further decisions. We have been shown the images but haven't spoken with an oncology or brain doctor about his scans. We are waiting to speak with the doctors who know him best. This will be tomorrow evening or possibly Thursday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Nate Update 2

Jackie Oxford 8:22pm Jan 21
Nate was able to complete the MRI, but we do not have results yet. He remains in an altered state, but he has been able to rest peacefully for the past several hours. He is a medical puzzle right now for doctors, but we rest in knowing God isn't puzzled at all. He has Nate in His arms and is holding our precious son just as he always has.

1st Nate Update for the Day

Wes Oxford 10:52am Jan 21
Nate is in MRI right now..they are having difficulty getting his sedated body to be still because of all the tremors he is having. It is vital for him to be still to get good scans and the next step would be to put him on a breathing tube which freezes the body. The anesthesiologist said if that has to be done there is a very high risk of him having a stroke due to how high his blood pressure has been...right now 152/123. Without accurate scans proper treatment can't be assessed is the dilemma. Thank you for this prayer and specifically for the scans to be clean of tumor and give the doctors accuracy to move forward with a way to help him. We know God is with Nate and hears our prayers...praise HIM.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nate Update 2

Jackie Henderson Oxford 11:25pm Jan 20
.Nate is being moved from the ER to the ICU in Dallas and will have an MRI in the morning. We don't have any answers...he is struggling with many things, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and vision to name a few. In 4 years we have never called 911. Today has been emotional, all we know is Nate has always been in God's hands and he still is. Thank your prayers and love!!!!!


Wes Oxford 4:31pm Jan 20
Nate being rushed by ambulance to Childrens Dallas
Let's go prayer warriors!  Let's cry out to Our God, the Healer on Nate's behalf.

URGENT from Nate's Mom

Jackie Oxford 2:34pm Jan 20
Urgent...please pray... Nate is not doing well at all right now...not sure if tumor or process of trying to figure out...he needs prayers..please LORD protect Nate...thank you and will update when can...God is our healer


As you can see, our boys have a very tough life. 
We try very hard to make sure that they understand they are dogs and we are humans. 
We are their masters. 
They do not have us trained, we have them trained. 
After all the training we do with them, they typically need a good nap!!  Right?  ; )

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Our girl loves her sunglasses!  It's hilarious!!

It's tough when the Paparazzi is after you! ; )

Friday, January 18, 2013

Would anyone.... to jump up and down and scream, "Praise the Lord & yippee skippee!?!"  That's what I want to do at this moment because we just found out that the precious man the Lord has provided as a gift to us is still FREE of Cancer. 

Thank you, Jesus!  We Praise the Lord no matter the circumstance.  However, I love rejoicing in HIS healing powers!!!!  Thank you, Jesus, for continuing to heal my man!!

The P.A. that came to see us first said that since Hodgkins is considered curable they are very comfortable with B entering the survivorship program.  So, when we return for his next visit it will be very different.  He won't have to undergo all of the yucky tests that he has each time.  It will just be a review of side effects, other issues, etc.

So, thank you each for your dedicated prayers to our Lord!  He loves to hear the voices of HIS children.  Thank you for lifting them up on my man's behalf...We love all of you!!!


Our girl with her first set of pearls!!  Her aunt and uncle know that every Southern girl needs to have her pearls and so they bought Miss P her first set!  Cute, huh?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Oh she loves her Daddy!

Any chance she gets, she is putting on Daddy's shoes!  They are big shoes to fill as he is such an amazing man!!!  I love him so much!


Here's a Nate Update from his Daddy:

Wes Oxford 12:57pm Jan 17
Nate has been having up days and down days. Sometimes he doesn't really want to do much beside sleep. It is hard to see him like this. When he does participate, he asks very good questions and makes a lot of sense so we know he is still the Nate we know. His next MRIs are on Jan 23rd in Los Angeles on the brain and spine and several other tests. We will decide what to do depending on the scans. Hopefully the fatigue and disinterest is drug related and not tumor. Some of the drugs he is on..particularly the steroid is known to do that. We appreciate all your prayers, thank you again for your continuing to go the Father on Nate's behalf. We know that HE is with Nate and has great plans for him. Praise to our Almighty Father. Amen.


Just want to ask each of you to please stop for a brief moment and say a quick prayer!

B has just gone back for his first scan at MD Anderson.  He should be back there for a few hours.  So, I sit here on my computer.  Will you please pray for all of his tests today?  Lord willing, this will be our last visit to MD Anderson for the next five plus years.  He is at the "survivor" mark.  Once you have your sixth year of visits showing "no evidence of disease," they place you in their survivorship program which means you only have to come back every five years.  So, here we are...praying that the Lord's will is continued healing for B!!!

While we are here, P is having a blast celebrating a birthday with a precious friend!!!
Gamma is keeping a close watch on the house and our boys.  They are actually learning to be friends with their new four-legged "uncle" (more details to come)!

So, thank you all for stopping right now to just continue to praise God for HIS miraculous healing of B and beg him for the cancer to stay gone forever!!!

Thank you!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aggieland Part 3

After Kyle Field, we went to the MSC (Memorial Student Center).

P met a new friend!
She decided to sit with him for a while! ; )

She also met another friend with many health issues.  Here is a link to her Caring Bridge site if you want to prayer for Pierson's new friend!

Then, we went to the Century Tree where B proposed to me.

It was just too dark to get a good shot!

Back to Freebird's!

This was Bear Bryant's house when he coached the Aggies!  It's across the street from our precious friends home that we stay with on our trips to Aggieland.

Final stop at Rudder Fountain!
Gamma made her some Aggie overalls!

Practicing some yells at Rudder Fountain.

Pondering what it will be like to be an Aggie one day! ; )

Aggieland Part 2

Part Two of our Trip to Aggieland!

After the camera ?dedication/gift?, we had the opportunity to drive around campus to share many of our memories with Miss C!
My freshman dorm!

The ever famous Kyle Field, Home of the 12th Man!!

P got to run all over the field and loved it!

Miss C got to take her picture on Kyle Field, as well!
Sittin' on Daddy's shoulders.  Her favorite!

Posing with Miss C on Kyle Field!!!
Doesn't everyone need a good sip of water after running all over the football field!!
Trying to cool down!!
See those sweet red cheeks?