And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, May 30, 2008



By faith the people passed through the Red Sea as on dry land; but when the Egyptians tried to do so, they were drowned. Hebrews 11:29

Imagine how the Israelites felt – the Red Sea on one side and the angry Egyptian army on the other side! Talk about a desperate situation. The Israelites feared that they were about to be annihilated!

I am amazed at how often in the Bible God puts his people in a desperate situation, a situation so desperate that their only recourse is to trust God, a situation so desperate that if God does not come through there is no hope.

Think of Noah building a ship in the middle of nowhere. Abraham and Sarah having a baby in their elderly years. The teenaged David fighting the massive Goliath. Gideon facing a huge army with only 300 men. The disciples feeding thousands with five loaves and two fish. Peter walking on water.

The list goes on and on. All through the Bible. Do you think that God might sometimes put you in a desperate situation? Or allow you to be in a desperate situation? A situation that is so desperate that you have no choice but to trust in Christ, a situation so desperate that you cannot rely on yourself, that you have no choice but to call out to God, a situation so desperate that if God does not intervene then you have no hope?

God does this all through the Bible. Do you think he might ever do it with you?

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catching Up

Where to begin? I don't want to bore you all with all that has gone on for the last week plus. So, I will try to start slow and update over the next few days, if possible.

B's brother seems to be gaining a bit more strength. However, it's still tough. His Bible is too heavy for him to lift and he's 6'4" and was originally 250+. He still needs considerable encouragement. The incision from his surgery has now become infected and thus makes it even harder for him to eat and keep the food down...they have him on a bunch of antibiotics trying to figure out what infections they are treating. So, he just needs overall healing and strength.

B is doing well. His strength and reliance on the Lord through all of this amazes me. He is so dependent on our Heavenly Father to carry us through. I finally told him the other day that I give up. I don't have the energy to fight this anymore. I'm still having 10+ seizures each day with every doc saying, "we don't know why." The day I was admitted into the hospital I was having a ton in a row and had about 18 for the day. However, before that I was down to about 10-15 per day. So, I struggle a bit with feeling like we haven't made much progress.

Just for clarity sake, when I say I give up, it means I recognize I don't have any strength left to fight this battle...anything from this point on has to be the Lord. It's not that it's a bad place to be, but it's not fun getting there. We still don't have real answers, but we're trying one more outpatient treatment before they put me back in the hospital to be more aggressive with treatment.

I woke up a few weeks ago and had a seizure. I asked the Lord why, what is his purpose behind all of this. I immediately saw the lady that cuts my hair (she did everyone's hair at our wedding). I think she did a pretty good job, what about you?

Anyway, she is a Believer and could teach me so much more about the Lord than I could ever teach her. So, I was incredibly confused. Anyway, I had my hair cut yesterday and she told me the Lord is using this to teach me to receive. I am a giver by nature and don't receive very well. Since I am at home and have all this time on my hands, I want to be out/going and doing things for others, but I'm not allowed to drive. So, I feel like I'm stuck looking at my cute little puppies all day.

They are adorable and fun to look at, but it's hard to not be exposed to humans either. The catch 22 is that I wear out so easily from talking to others that it doesn't make much sense for people to try to make a trip to our house either.

Back to receiving, I try to receive well when people are bringing meals, taking me to stores, etc., but I don't like asking for anything. I'm afraid I'll inconvenience everyone. I feel like an extra stop is asking for too much. I just want to give instead. She explained to me that the joy I get from giving to others is the same joy others get when I receive from them. Yes, it makes sense, but I still struggle with it. Then, I turned the page on my little inspiration calendar today and this is the scripture, "the Lord Jesus Himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive'." Acts 20:35 When looking up the context and exact words of this scripture, I was also convicted by this: Romans 16:1-3 Again, I don't feel deserving of receiving, but I'm going to start trying.

So, as I was walking out of my cardiologist office the other day, in tears, just wanting these to go away, I looked up and one of their patient's chart was on the counter and her last name was "Pray." I don't need much to know that was the Lord encouraging me, okay, jumping up and down to get my attention. So, in an effort to still give, though not in the way I'm used to, I'm going to start keeping a prayer journal. My intention is that each day I will lift up particular requests to the Lord for you. Again, I can't jump in my car and come serve you, but hopefully, you are gifted by the Lord through these prayers. So, please let me know how I can pray for you. You can e-mail me or post it as a comment if you want others that read this to pray for you, as well. In the meantime, maybe I'll learn to receive, but this is a way that I can keep giving.

I'm sure I'll have more to say soon, but wanted to get that much out before I head to bed.


  • Encouragement for B's brother
  • Healing for B's brother
  • Strength for us to rely on the Lord and trust His provision
  • Encouragement from the Lord.
  • Wisdom and direction in the steps we take
  • For the Lord to be glorified in Ben's work.
  • I have an appt. on Friday with a surgeon b/c (this could be TMI) I have a lump in my breast that keeps getting larger and my PCP isn't comfortable with it, but he's ordered all of the tests that he can...
  • Wisdom in our finances.
  • That I will begin to learn to receive.


  • B's brother is alive
  • B is such a hard worker and loves serving the Lord through his job and through loving me. I'm daily amazed that I married such a wonderful man.
  • Mom is better from her stomach virus
  • Jesus loves us!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is a new song from Steven Curtis Chapman:

Quite poignant and something only the Lord could have timed so appropriately.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

Heartbreaking News about Steven Curtis Chapman's family

Here is the article

Be in prayer for their family and especially his son.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Consider it Pure Joy...

Consider it pure joy, my brothers (& sisters), when you experience trials of many kinds...
James 1:2

James 1-click on this link. It's worth reading the rest of the verse.

This was the scripture at church today and is so applicable to all areas of our life. However, I was unable to attend. I really don't know where to start...should I go in chronological order or start with today and go backwards? I'll try to be chronological...

I was so blessed on Friday by all of our friends that stepped up to help since Mom was sick and couldn't take me to all my doc appts. So, we started the morning with our friend, who's husband just came back from Iraq, taking me to my first appt. As if she hasn't sacrificed enough. Then, one of Mom's dearest friends took me in to my appts at Medical City. One of B's coworkers then picked me up to take me to my MRIs. Then, B picked me up after that (home from his tests at MD Anderson-cancer FREE) and we headed home to our precious next door neighbor preparing dinner for us.

Many of you have asked, how were the doc appts? I want to say wonderful. The first one was great...I felt like the doc listened, but he wanted me to ask the neurologist how he felt about the changes he wanted to make since you have to be so gentle with adjusting the anti-seizure meds. Then, I went to the endo that said there is nothing she can do. Finally, I got in to the neurologist, hoping for some real answers and progress. His response was that I shouldn't still be having seizures on this much medication, but he doesn't know what to do and doesn't want to do the things primary care suggested. His two options (other than trying to slowly change the meds) were:

1. put me in a drug induced coma for a few days to basically reset my brain and see if the seizures would stop or at least start from scratch with meds.
2. put me back in the hospital and stop all of the meds abruptly and try to start from scratch.

I didn't like either of those choices, but I am having some side effects from the medicine and so I begged him to let me start backing off of the first med that we didn't really see results with...he said he didn't want me to until I reached the max dose of the new one and am not having any more seizures. I begged again and he's going to let me start slowly backing off of the first one. It should take a couple of months to get off of that med and the prayer is that the seizures won't increase as I back off of that med. So, then I went to the MRI. Don't know about those results. I assume they will call me this next week to let me know.

B's brother was put back in the hospital on Friday because he was so weak from not being able to eat, etc. So, they will be trying to build him back up and strengthen him over the next few days. Pray for his strength, encouragement, etc.

Saturday, we had a family get together. We were so excited to get to be with family and have a special day sitting outside enjoying each other. However, after about an hour, I had a seizure and decided maybe it was just too hot outside. So, I went inside to cool off. A few minutes after lunch, I started feeling a bit yucky. In short, this stomach virus that Mom had, my neighbors had, and about everyone else we know has had, hit me. So, we quickly got in the car and headed home. Let's just say I had my head in the trash can the rest of the day (is that the nice way to say it). B gave me a breath mint (hint, hint) around eight last night and funny enough, it seemed to settle my stomach. I have still felt a bit uneasy today, but have yet to get sick again. Way to go, Dr. B!!

I didn't want to get anyone sick at church today. So, I didn't go. However, my wonderful hubby went to church this morning, washed the sheets, washed all the clothes, ironed, made lunch, is making dinner right now...he is such a Rockstar! I am amazed by him and his tenacity!!

Yesterday, we watched our wedding video since I don't remember much of it with all these seizures. It was special to hear B say, "In sickness and in health..." and daily see him living it out and meaning it. Many of the words his grandfather (who married us) used, discussing the facts of marriage, were very descriptive of the last few years of our life together (how did he know?). He talked about touching lives and marriages of those older and younger than us, for the Lord, through trials, and that it is all about the Lord's glory. That has been our focus and hope through all of this...may people see Jesus and not us and may God get the glory.

So, I have rambled for too long. So, together, let's consider it pure joy when we face trials of many kinds because the testing of our faith develops perseverance...

Friday, May 16, 2008


This is from our pastor in The was a message I needed to hear today, especially after yesterday. Thank you all for your prayers and thank you, Lord, for knowing exactly what I need...even the right words of encouragement from you.

By faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a sacrifice. He who had received the promises was about to sacrifice his one and only son, even though God had said to him, “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.” Hebrews 11:17-18

Abraham and Sarah had waited 25 years for this boy! He was the miracle baby born when they were way too old.

John Ortberg describes this baby in their old age:

Take this child born in the geriatric ward for which Medicare picked up the tab, this child named Isaac – which means “laughter.” Abraham and Sarah laughed at first because they didn’t believe; they laughed at the sheer impossibility of it. They laughed because they were told they would have a son when they had reached an age when they didn’t even dare to buy green bananas. And after the child was born, they laughed because they did believe. They laughed that when Sarah went to Wal-Mart, she was the only shopper to buy both Pampers and Depends. They laughed that both parents and baby had to eat the same strained vegetables because nobody in the whole family had a single tooth.1

Yet, God was now calling Abraham to sacrifice this boy. It seemed crazy.

But Abraham had walked with God a long time. He knew that God was God and he was not. He knew that God could be trusted. Even when it seemed crazy.

Abraham obeyed God. He did the unthinkable. But, at the very last moment, God stopped him.

Abraham discovered again, he discovered more deeply, that God could be trusted.

Do you know that God is God and you are not? Do you know that God can be trusted? Even when it seems crazy?

1Ortberg, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted,” 211.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

One More Log on the Fire

Update: I was able to get my appt. from today moved to tomorrow. So, I have appts. starting at 10:45 tomorrow morning until about 6pm. So, hopefully, Mom will be better by then. Thank you to all of you that have already responded to help.

Well, I woke up this morning to my Mom sick as could be with some stomach virus. Mom has been staying here with me while B is at his appts. at MD Anderson. I have a ton of doc appts. starting today and through tomorrow that she was going to take me to since I'm not allowed to drive.

I called my neighbor this morning and she says this is a very contagious virus that is going around...her son was over at our house playing Tues. night and got sick while he was here. Then, after lunch the next day, she got it. Now, it appears that Mom has it. The positive is that it was very quick for her little boy. So, hopefully, this will be quick for Mom.

In the meantime, I have a doc appt. that I need to get to today at 3p and I'm trying to find a back up plan incase Mom is still sick.

As Mom says, "Lord, I can learn from joy, too!" I'm ready for things to calm down...Please, Lord!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rough Day

Well, B had his scans this morning and we should get preliminary results on Friday.

In the meantime, I have been having a ton of seizures today. It's almost 6p and I've already had eight for the day!!! Grrrr....I know that is an accomplishment over 25 per day. So, we praise the Lord for that. However, when I am on two anti-seizure meds and at almost double the highest dose of one, this is just too many. The doctor called me Monday night and told me that with the meds I am on right now, I shouldn't be having ANY. He is very concerned. So, he is working me in on Friday afternoon before my MRI to see if we can figure this out...

I have a ton of doc appts tomorrow and Friday. So, please be in prayer that we get some more answers. One praise is that I "feel" better. Thus, the Lord is answering your prayers! The seizures are still an annoyance and leave me extremely exhausted. Overall, I don't feel as yucky as I did in between each seizure, though. My memory also seems to be getting better. I've had some random memories come back to me over the last few days. So, I'm trying to count each one as a sign of healing.

  • More answers as to what is going on...
  • Wisdom for the docs
  • B's scans to come back clear-no cancer whatsoever


  • Memory seems to be coming back
  • I don't feel as yucky as I did

Cancer Survivor

I am so proud of my husband. Not only does he wake up at 4:30 every morning to get in to the office early to provide for our family, not only does he love me so unconditionally, but he is also a Cancer Survivor!! Praise Jesus for His healing!

It is on that note that I come to you today. B has his follow up appt. at MD Anderson this week. They will run all of the tests and scans today. He will get the preliminary results on Friday. Obviously, our prayer is that he is still cancer FREE!!

Thank you for joining us in this prayer!

Monday, May 12, 2008

So Small!

I believe this song perfectly sums up this last week, last two years, etc. Just click on the link:
So Small
Key points if the link won't open for you:
  • Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand.

  • When you figure out LOVE is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else, seem so small.


Well, for all of you precious prayer warriors, we are way overdue for an update. We have been absolutely amazed by your faithfulness in prayer and God's faithfulness in answering those prayers.

T seems to be doing better. We left late Friday night from the hospital and drove a couple hours to his house. B got to roll around on the floor for about two hours with T's two boys, 6 & 3. They got some good tickle time with Unlce B. With Daddy having an ostomy bag for the last nine months, they haven't had a chance to really roll around on the floor and have special time like that. So, it was very special to see the fun and hear all of the giggles.

We left Saturday morning and drove the 12 hrs back home and got in late that night. It was nice to see our sweet little pups. We had really missed them.

How can you not miss and love faces like this:
There were a lot of things we wanted to "fix" while we were there that only the Lord can do...then, we got to church Sunday morning in time to sing praise songs reminding us, "What can wash away our sins? What can make us whole again? Nothin' but the blood of Jesus." So, it was a great encouragement that only He can do all we wanted to...

It was very hard to leave, but B hasn't had a chance to do much work with all of my health issues/hospital stays and then spending over a week at the hospital with his brother. So, we had to get back. T's wife left Friday night with us and B's parents left the next day. Thus making a big prayer that T will still feel all of our love for him though he is in the hospital without family there.

I told B that I was so excited to marry someone with a sibling since I am an only child. However, with his brother living so far away, I've not really had a chance to get to know him. I feel like the Lord allowed me to truly gain a brother this last week. T and I got to have some special conversations while we were there. I truly count it as a blessing that the Lord provided for that time despite the circumstances.

Also, for all the Aggies out there reading this, the doctor that saved T's life when he coded on Thursday is an Aggie '03. T is Class of '96, I am '01, B is '02, and the doc is '03. So, we all had fun with that. What are the chances of four Aggies in Kentucky in one room together?


  • T's boys will know how much their Daddy loves them, even though they can't see him. They (especially the oldest) are very confused as to what is going on...not seeing Daddy for so long makes it hard for them to understand how much he loves and misses them. One of the first things T asked me when he "woke up" was about their boys. We printed a pic of the boys and hung it in his room. You should have seen the joy on his face.
  • T's body will quickly metabolize some of the medicine they gave him a while back that is causing him some confusion.
  • T will feel overwhelming love from his family, wife, boys, nurses, etc.
  • Blessings for T's family, as we have learned what a strain all of this medical stuff can place on any marriage, family, etc.
  • T will heal quickly from the surgery and the emotional strain this would place on anyone.
  • B because he wants to be there with his brother, but needs to be working.
  • B's visit to MD Anderson this week (follow up appt. to make sure the cancer is still gone).
  • That my seizures would decrease. I'm continuing to have quite a few despite all the meds they have me on...


  • The healing that we have seen in T.
  • That we had the opportunity to love on T's boys.
  • Safe travel on our trip.
  • God's overwhelming Faithfulness through all of this.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, today was a bit different. When we got there this morning, he was hallucinating again. He is apparently allergic to a certain medication or combo of meds. So, it was hard to listen to him tell us about the big trucks driving out the window and the kids he wanted to go and save. We kept explaining that this was ICU psychosis and it will pass soon, but then explaining what is real..

He started to make some more sense this afternoon and wanted to go for a walk. So, I got another picture of him walking. He was even prepared to pose for this one & asked when I was going to take the pic.

Then, we went down to have lunch and came back and he had another bad reaction to a med they gave him for nausea. So, the day was rough. However, they should be moving him to a regular floor by the end of the night.

*Please pray for the wisdom of the docs on the right med choices.
*Prayer for his wife because she has strep throat

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What an exciting day we had here in Kentucky!! The pictures below will show you:

This is the first walk that T took! Praise the Lord!!

That is his nurse and his Dad standing with him!

This is once he sat back in bed, yet still had a smile on his face!!

We (well, I) picked on T a bunch today. B and his Mom weren't fans of me pestering him, but they gave me permission since the doctor did and since T could talk back and tell me if he wanted me to stop. We got to have some special brother/sister-in-law time together. Before we left for dinner, he asked us for his Bible and his computer. He wanted to show us pictures of his boys that he had on his computer. He was updating us at each picture, completely aware of all that happened, and telling us how much of the time that he spends with his boys reminds him of the special time he got to share with his Dad.

So, all in all, it was a great night! Our prayer for the evening:

  • Thank you, Lord, that we have been able to witness such improvement over the last two days. We expect him to stay in ICU for a little while longer (which we prefer because he gets much more specialized care).
  • That he will continue to cough up the phlegm in his lungs and get it out. He told us today he was never allowed to cough up loogies (is that how you spell that?) and so it was hard for him to do it today.
  • That he will leave the catheter alone. It is really starting to irritate him and he keeps pulling on it. We don't want him to accidentally pull it out. They want him to make it until tomorrow (Thursday) before they consider removing it.
  • That he will know how loved he is.
  • That his wife will heal quickly. She was diagnosed with strep today and won't be back until later this week/weekend.
  • That we will all have a renewed strength.

We are so grateful for all of your prayers and concern. For those that have been sweet to check in on me, as well. I'm still having quite a few seizures...ready for zero. I think today was somewhere close to 4-5. However, 0 is the ultimate goal.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn

Praise the Lord! T made a huge turn for the better today!!! All of your prayers to our most powerful Savior are being answered. We left last night thinking he might not survive the night.

This morning, the neurologist came in and was noting no purposeful response on T's part and was about to order a spinal tap to check for meningitis. However, he noticed that T's neck had some resistance and range of motion that would help rule out meningitis. He then tapped a spot on T's foot and his eyes shot open and started looking around. He looked first in my direction and I knew I wasn't the first face he would want to see. So, I told him to turn his head toward B. When he saw B, you should have seen the awesome smile on his face. Then, he saw his wife, J, and was able to hold her hand.

The neuro told us that he could wax & wane throughout the day, but the goal was to keep him as alert as possible today so that he learns the difference between night and day. So, he gave us permission to pick on him all day. Then, they felt he was doing so well once he woke that they took the ventilator out this morning.

When we went back in to see him after lunch he was responding a bit more, but was very tired. However, the goal was to keep him awake during the day. So, I pulled out all my annoying ways and tried to keep him awake. Ben was ready to kick me out.

Then, his Gastro Surgeon came in and wants to keep moving stuff and so she ordered a few more meds to clear his lungs as best as possible. She is also a fan of us stimulating him as much as we can. She wants him to stay in the ICU for at least another day or so because he will get much more specialized care.

We aren't allowed to be in the room during shift change and so we went for a quick dinner. When we got back, he was even more responsive. He was telling us what he wanted. He even asked for his glasses.

Anyway, I've made this long, but wanted to let you all know that the Lord is hearing your prayers and petitions.

Prayers for tonight:
  • That he would continue to be able to cough up as much as possible to get rid of this pneumonia
  • That his nurse, E, will be able to be very responsive to him tonight, yet will allow him to rest.

Continual prayers:

  • Continued healing (today was such a great day to watch-as far as healing goes) for T.
  • Strength & health for all of us that are here.
  • Wisdom for the docs on what T needs & can handle.

I'm sure there is more, but it's very late and we need to get to sleep. So, I will end this with how grateful we are for your prayers as today was a huge improvement.

I'll try to send anothe update tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Well, today is a tough day. It has been one year since we lost my amazing, beautiful Granny. Here we are, a year later, sitting in the hospital ICU, just as we were doing last year. So, it makes for a tough day. However, I want today to be remembered as the day that T made a huge turn for the better and really moved toward recovery.

We are still needing to fight pneumonia. That is one of the biggest issues right now. This morning, the night nurse told J, T's wife, that he was in acute renal failure. However, his Day nurse came in and she is a Rockstar. She said that when she got here and saw everything, she went in and had a talk with him. He has been doing very well ever since...Each time that we have had "talks" with him, we are seeing response.

The neurologist came in this morning and wants to run a few tests. He wants him extubated (take the breathing tube out) before they do them. However, if he still needs to be intubated tomorrow, he wants to go ahead and run all of the tests anyway. So, the prayer is that he can be weaned off of the ventilator today.

Another huge component of all of this is beating the pneumonia. He's got to kick it. The sooner that we can get him up and moving the better the chances of breaking up the pneumonia. I feel quite selfish today because I am sad that it's been a year without Granny and we're sitting back in the ICU. However, I need my focus to be on loving my hubby through this and encouraging him. So, prayers for today:

  • That I wouldn't be selfish with my sadness about not having Granny, but would be a source of support for my hubby. He was such wonderful support for me last year when we lost Granny.
  • That the pneumonia would really begin to break up and we can get a bunch out of his lungs today.
  • That T's kidneys will keep functioning and will process everything properly.
  • Obviously, it is a tense environment. So, prayer that we can all be supportive of each other and love on each other.
  • Wisdom for the doctors to make decisions as a team as to what is best for T.

God Bless You all for being such prayer warriors through all of this. If you are anywhere near my Mom today, please give her hugs. Today is a hard day for us and we need hugs. I wish I could be there hugging her, but need to be here for my hubby. So, anyone that can love on her for me, I will be eternally grateful! Thank you!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Deja Vu

The update should be short tonight...we are all quite exhausted.

We are getting more of a response out of B's brother. B gave him a mani-pedi today (B says I need to use a more manly term). Point being, he can't hurt the nurses with his finger or toe nails anymore. He did shut his eyes for us today after we opened them.

Last year, B and I were in the hospital with Granny at this very time. I got to sing "Amazing Grace" and "It Is Well" to Granny before the Lord took her hand, and brought her home. While singing "Amazing Grace, she seemed to try to sing back. Well, tonight, I received a very similar response from T. He could have just been annoyed by me, but he did move his lips and legs around. Every little step is positive.

We are just ready for him to get up and walk out, but are trying to wait patiently.

Please pray specifically for his pneumonia-that it would start to truly clear out of his lungs . There is a lot gunk that needs to come out so that he can breathe on his own, get out of bed, etc

Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on B's Brother

Well, we arrived in Louisville this morning after about a 12 hour drive. Ben drove the entire way. Wow!! We were able to see his brother this morning as soon as we got here. He did end up coding last night. They were able to bring him back and he is still in the Critical Care ICU and probably will be for a while. Right now they are blaming most of this on the pneumonia that he had before he entered the hospital last week for his surgery. They thought it had cleared, but believe that during the surgery it must have intensified due to being on the ventilator. They are also doing some cultures to see if he is septic (blood infection).

So, once we arrived, we were able to go in and talk to him. For the most part, he has been unresponsive. However, as soon as B started talking to him, his vitals all improved. Wow! What a special moment to witness. Last night, they took all of his jewelry off because he was swelling so much. While B was in talking to him, he realized T didn't have on his Aggie Ring. So, he gave him his. For those of you that know B, that was beyond a special moment and still makes me tear up just thinking about it. The docs don't want him to have any jewelry on, but B is going to keep his eye on it so that T can have it.

Once B spoke with him for a while, I went in and spoke with him for a bit. He had goose bumps and we got a sheet to cover him. I asked him to squeeze my hand if it felt good and he did to some degree, but he lifted his arm. So, there was some response. B left the room to go get his Dad. The minute B walked back in the room and started speaking, T started to respond again and we saw his vitals improve. It is so precious to see the love there and the response that T has to B.

We are still a bit in the dark as to all that is going on as everything is still very touch and go, but that is the best update for right now. So, how can you pray?
  • Miraculous healing!
  • For T to find some fight and beat this
  • For T to know how much he is loved
  • For B's comfort...this is so hard for him. He is being tough, but this is his big brother
  • Wisdom for the doctors
  • Kidney clearance. T has had a bunch of fluid each day for the last four days, but has only excreted 50 cc's in the last four days.
  • Pneumonia to clear up quickly
  • No sepsis
  • Strength for B & T's parent's

I know there are many other prayers, but they are not coming to me right now. So, please pray as the Lord leads you. We don't know if T will survive this, but we know the Lord can heal Him, if it is His will.

Thank you for being such precious and faithful prayer warriors!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

I have an urgent prayer request…B’s brother is in the hospital this week in Louisville having surgery. We just got a call from his parent’s tell us we needed to get there immediately. His organs are shutting down, he’s being rushed to the ICU, and we are on our way to Louisville. We have tried to find someone with a plane that can get us there faster because it’s a 12 hour drive and the Kentucky Derby is this weekend. So, every flight is booked and the available seats are over $1000 each. So, we are begging for your prayers:

For B’s brother, Tim
For his kids, he has two young boys

For his wife, Julie
For safe travel

We'll update as we can.

Please fall to your knees on his behalf.