And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Donkey Kisses

You read that right...donkey kisses!!!!

Have you ever been kissed by a donkey?

I can officially say that I have!

Last night, as we were leaving church, we were driving down some of the streets by the church seeing if there was any land (B would love to get some land someday). So, we were driving around dreaming...

All of a sudden, B says, "there's a donkey." For a moment, we both thought it must be a fake statue that someone thought was fun to put at the edge of their yard (no real zoning against stuff like that out in the country). Until we saw it's ears twitch.

Having grown up "in the country," B said it would be just fine and to leave it. Being a city girl, I said we had to find it's home. No animal should be out of it's gate, house, etc., especially without a collar!! ; )

We drove down the street and found a lady outside that showed us which house it belonged to and told us it usually was in a gate. We went back to the house where it belonged and the owner's came out...sure enough it wasn't supposed to be out. Their daughter had mowed that day and accidentally left the gate open a bit and Jenny (that's the donkey's name) pushed her way right on out of that gate.

So, Jenny's human Mom and Dad came out with bare feet & carrots in hand! Jenny decided to have some fun, though. She hid behind B's truck and then took off down the street. B still had on his work clothes. So, it was fun watching him chase her, too. While the boys were chasing her up and down the street, Jenny's Mom and I stood in the front yard and was relaxing. Turns out that her daughter goes to the same church as us and was up there last night, too!

Anyway, Jenny finally ran back in to her gate. They handed me the carrot to feed to her. I was kind of scared she would eat my hand and so I just let her have the whole thing. I asked if she liked being petted. They said, "yes, but on her back, not her head." So, Jenny got some good scratches from me.

Then, yep, here it comes, she stuck her little tongue out and started licking my other hand! You heard it right here...I got my first donkey kisses ever last night! It was crazy, she just kept kissing me! It was the sweetest thing ever, if you can find sweetness in a donkey kissing you! And I did! Jenny and I had fun talking & hanging last night. Their daughter made it home from church and we spoke with her for a while, too! We eventually had to leave because we were being attacked by mosquitoes. I had 3 bites on my face and close to ten on my arm. B was getting bit, too!

I so wanted to take a picture, but it was getting super dark, the truck was far away, and the mosquitoes were fierce. So, you'll just have to imagine! I'm sure you will all come up with some fun images. Anyway, it was quite a treat for this city girl!!

...Donkey Kisses...


  1. I LOVE donkeys! They are so cute! I was a big fan of Eeyore as a child. We have some that live around the corner from us, and I've always wanted to go and pet them! Donkey kisses sound like fun too!

  2. I'm a donkey fan as well...though my memory of being chased by one wasn't too pleasant!