And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday in Aggieland

Saturday started with getting to sleep in...more than anyone, B needed that. He wakes up at about 4:30am each day and then stays up as late as he can with me. Friday, he had a 5:30am appt. and we went to Midnight Yell, which meant that we didn't get to bed until sometime after 1:30am. So, the man got some well needed sleep.

We had to bring all of my food since the diet is so strict. So, we prepped all of it prior to leaving and had it all stored in the fridge in the room. B asked if I minded if he got something that started with an 'S' (Shipley's donuts)! I didn't & so he went and got a box of donuts for himself and I ate my quiche. Then, we went up to the Quad (where the Corps of Cadets lives).

His outfit was having a BBQ and so we spent some time with them. While we were there, A, one of our groomsmen & one of B's ol' ladies (Corps lingo for roommate), came up there with his wife and absolutely precious little girl! We had fun catching up with them and playing with their sweet little girl! She was a doll!

Then, B got to go help D.C. get all of his brass ready (now I'm trying to act like I know what I'm talking about...). Point is, we all went to his room and B & D.C.'s Dad all helped him polish up all of the stuff that goes on his uniform and get it just right on his uniform.

This is step-off. The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band leads the way into Kyle Field prior to the game starting. Here they come....
Getting closer...
Now you can hear them play (it's short)...

Now, we are in Kyle Field. Nothing beats being in the "Home of the 12th Man."

Welcome to Aggieland!!!
There was a flyover prior to the start of the game with T-6s.

B got us great seats. We were on the 1st row of the Zone...just a tad right of the goal post.
This is Boot Line. All of the Seniors in the Corps line up in two rows for the football team to run through.

The drummers in the band lead the way

Look at how packed the stadium is...for the first game of the year...against University of New Mexico!

This is Miss Rev, the first lady of Texas A&M.
A closer shot, as she walked past us. Apparently, PETA or someone has gotten involved and she's only allowed to be there for certain parts of the game or for short periods of time. So, we got to see her come and go a few times.

I think I spoil my pups, but trust me, she is much more spoiled. So, all of the PETA stuff doesn't make sense. She is the highest ranking member of the Corps (five diamonds), a five-star general.

Since our seats were on the front row, not only did we get to see Rev, but we also got to talk to the band! They lined up, right in front of us. We got them to turn around and smile for a picture (other than the guy on the right-he's a freshman and they're not allowed to know how to smile) ; )!!

Forming at the North End of Kyle Field, the Nationally Famous, Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.
Here they go...
Computer software programs that are designed to create formations for bands, cannot handle the formations of the Aggie Band. They say they are impossible!!
Watch how amazing they are...look at how close they get to each other!

The Ags won 41-6! WHOOP!!!
One of the many traditions is that when the game is over, the Fish in the Corps go on to the field and tackle the Yell Leaders. Then, they carry them to the Fish Pond and have another Yell Practice!!! This is the Yell Leaders getting ready (the guys in white-see how their pants are rolled up and shoes are off)!
The Fish are going after them!!
Got 'em! D.C. actually got to tackle one of them!!!
Here we are at the end of the game! We had so much fun!!! Also, with a score of 41-6, it was perfect for our anniversary trip because it meant that I got a lot of kisses from my hubby. Another tradition: "when the Aggies score, we score!" So, anytime the Ags score, you kiss your date! B, nor I, kissed our dates at a game while we were students! So, it was special that the first game we went back to, once we were married, was our first "score" at an Aggie game!!!

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