And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, July 2, 2017

ICU- Day 4----A day of Rest

Rain has always been my favorite weather system (not too sure if that is correct meteorlogically speaking).  In fact, I have been loving it even more this year as I didn't have to turn on our sprinklers until mid June this year.  A testament to the blessing that can come from rain.  The rain that was provided, kept everything green.  It kept everything fed.  It kept everything nourished.  It was rain that was provided during Noah's Great Flood that would usher in a new creation and provided a rainbow.

A rainbow...A sign of promise to never again destroy the world with a flood.  And yet, it was a storm. A torrential downpour that ushered in a new beginning.  It was a storm that ushered in a promise of new start. 

And so it is, we have been going through a storm.  while the storm has been going on for 11 years, these past few days have been something that I don't think I could have comprehended. 

It has been a blessing to have Princess "back."  While it appears the next few days are still going to be tough, it is hard to hold back with her and want to talk and tell her all that has happened and the many, many, many faithful friends, prayer warriors, countless blessings that have been poured out upon us. 

So while yesterday we were able to share some tears, grins, and even some chuckles, she is needing this day and the next few to just rest.  What her body went through last Wednesday/Thursday I'm not really sure how she is where she is today. 

Well, actually, I do.  It is only because of our Lord Jesus Christ and His saving power through God the Father!  It truly has been unique to have several physicians come by with a report and share the news of no seizures, clean CT, clean MRI and almost be astonished themselves that they were sharing this report.  Especially since just a day or so ago Princess' situation was touch and go.  But, we know that God is Bigger and He is in the business of doing great things. 

In my prayer that I alluded and to earlier in this blog, I prayed a very hard prayer.  I asked of God two options for Princess.  As of today, God has answered my second request, and has made it abundantly clear that He is not finished with Princess yet and  therefore, answering my first request as well. 

So today is Sunday.  The day we try to rest, just as God rested on the 7th day.  And it is apparent that Princess needs to do just that.  She is so weary and is in pain.  Yet, we rejoice that she is awake, breathing, even got to be reunited with Critter today!  Critter was so sweet in constantly saying, "Hi Mommy....Hi Mommy..."  Her little kisses all over Princess' hands. 

So thank you for your prayers.  As many of you have messaged me, I do need strength and am growing weary.  May God richly and abundantly supply me. 

As I have shared, God is truly answering your prayers.  Please join me in praying for:
  • Princess' recovery.  They are looking to move her out of ICU and into a normal hospital room.
  • Princess' ability to regain her voice and strength
  • Her vision to be restored as she has shared that it is very difficult for her to see clearly.
  • For her motor skills as she is extremely weak and even picking up a Kleenex seems to be a chore. 
  • For our "first" walk.  Possibly tomorrow they will try to get her out of bed.
  • For he memory and recollection.  Short Term memory seems to be quite effected.
  • For her comfort and rest that would come.  SHE NEEDS SLEEP!!!
Thank you all for caring!  Your support for us in this time has been overwhelming.  I hope that we can truly thank each and every one of you that has given so much in your time, gifts, visits, calls, messages, emails, etc!  

So just as the rain came, a promise was provided and there was a new start.  I pray that the Lord would use this current rain storm for His Glory and we look forward to what He has in store for us next. 


  1. Wow...thank you for this update. Your faith amazes me. Thank you Jesus! Prayers for continued healing...

  2. So love hearing this wonderful answer to prayer. Will continue to pray! Love you guys! Marilyn

  3. Larry and I are praying for Meredith and you all, Ben. We love you! We will be eager to see what God will do in the next few days. Alice

  4. Continued prayers for each of you!
    Jennifer Chapman Wood

  5. So great to hear all the progress and especially the way God is encouraging you all! Thanks for a beautiful update.
    “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭56:3‬

  6. Praise God..such good news! Praying progress in healing continues. Thank you for updating.

  7. Thank you God for your abundant love and mercy. Continue to give this family the strength to endure this storm. You are the mighty physician and you are able to heal her with no lasting problems.

  8. We are continuing to pray and praising God with you.