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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Stuff

Okay, more questions for the Mommy experts out there:

Do I really need to wash all of her clothes in something like Dreft?  Or, can I use our regular detergent?


Pacifiers?  Bottles?  Nipples?  etc.?  What have you found to be the best?  What do you look for in each?
Thank you!!  We tried registering the other day and it was so overwhelming!  So, I need the advice of the experienced professionals out there!!

Thank you!


  1. we use free and clear ALL, jenna has really sensitive skin and it works even better than dreft.

    I love the playtex drop in bottles, it seems more sterile, easy clean up, and all my kids have preferred that nipple.

  2. Both my kids did fine on Tide. I would try tide first, and if her skin seems too sensitive, then switch. But I would start the easy way first. We tried to start both kids with "other brands" of bottles first, and both ended up on Dr. Browns to reduce gas. Cole was fine from the start on Avent pacifiers and stayed with them. Emmy was more picky and used the hospitals brand for 2 months. Then only wanted a straight nipple more like bottles, not that slanted one.

  3. As long as she's not allergic, then whatever detergent you use is fine.

    We use(d) First Year's Soothie bottles for both kiddos. Love them, they never leak!

    And I would love to take you to register if you need some support or advice. Just let me know when is good for you. I am available on Sat (am), Sun (all day), Monday (all day), or Tuesday (after 5). Email me:

  4. i concur with using whatever you wash you & b's laundry in first... if it then becomes an issue switch. both mine have been washed in only gain (which is what i use for the 'adult' clothes) since birth. and my baby is actually a little prone to the mildest, occ eczema but hasn't been anything persistent or that i would change detergent for.

    in terms of bottles, pacifiers... i used the cheap gerber brand bottle with the evenflo nipples (the nipples that came with the gerber bottles didn't flow fast enough for my piggies and the evenflo fit perfectly). i'd recommend avoiding the smaller 4 oz bottles of any brand, just get the biggest one of whatever you decide... before you know it they will be drinking up closer to 8 oz and then you don't have to re-purchase.

    paci-wise... you will get sent home from hospital with the blue soothie type pacifier if you want it, so no need to buy one of those initially. maybe just get one package of a couple other different kinds. then once you see what the kiddo likes (or if they will even take one... my baby wouldn't, which was a curse initially, but is awesome now!) you can get more.

  5. I used Dreft for a couple of weeks, but then I swicthed to regular detergent and Aden was fine. I was blessed to not have a baby that had skin allergies.

    I also used the cheap Gerber bottles and I bought both th ebig and little ones. I also used the Playtex Vent-Air bottles to help reduce gas. They were great.

    Aden never really took a to a pacifier after he was about 2 weeks old, but the one that they give you in the hospital, which is great. I would stick with that brand. It's called Soothie, I think.


  6. I used all free and clear for our whole family so just used it for both babies as well. playtex drop ins seemed to be the preferred bottle in our house as well!

  7. Don't get caught up in all of the brand names. There is no telling what your baby will like best. Just pick one you like and try it. Honestly all the bottles are good, some just have more "pieces". I say the less work for you the better!

  8. It's all going to depend on what baby likes! We used Dr. Browns and it really did help with gas. We ended up going for a smaller nipple-the premie size even though there was nothing premie about her as the flow was too fast on the newborn nipple.

    Diapers-love the pampers swaddlers. Since Ella, Fisher Price has come out with some that I have heard great things about and they don't have dryes in them (and coupons in ever box).

    Detergent-I think ou'd be fine with a "free and clear" version of whatever brand. this time aroudn I'll be using Costco's Kirklands brand and see how it goes.

    Paci's I got nothing for you there. Mine wouldn't take one.

    Have fun, enjoy! It's a learn as you go program!

  9. Agree with the detergent - use what you have now and switch if there is an allergy.

    Bottles - I used Playtex Drop-ins. Great for dropping thawed milk bags to help save on the using a 'drop-in' bag, plus less items to clean. Also agree on buying more 8oz bottles than 4oz bottles. My kids were out of 4oz bottles by 5-6 weeks old.

    Pacifiers - I used Playtex 'Just like Mother' since both kids breastfeed and it is similar to the bottle nipple.

  10. Hey, Meredith! You've probably already gotten enough comments to confuse things even more, but I tried to post from work yesterday and it wouldn't let me.
    I love Dreft. I love how it smells! I used it on all 3 kids' things exclusively for the first 6 months then transitioned to the family laundry. Just a matter of personal opinion.
    We have also used only Dr. Brown's bottles with all 3 kids as well. Yes, they have a lot of pieces but if they help (even a little) with gas and colic, then it is entirely worth it to me. You just buy different "levels" of nipples as they grow and are able to eat more.
    Both boys are Soothie fans and Clara is a NUK pacifier girl. They will give you a couple of Soothies at the hospital.
    Registering is very overwhelming! BTW, we've found that the Up and Up Brand (Target) products like baby bath, shampoo, powder, ointment, etc. is lots cheaper and very high in quality! :)
    Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help! I'm excited about y'alls baby girl!

  11. You don't really have to use Dreft, but it needs to be something that is unfragranced or hypoallergenic. Ultimately you may not know until your little sweetie is here. You never know what their sensitive skin will react to. We've always used Dreft, and while we were potty training Joci, we found that she couldn't wear the cheap little undies. They made her little booty all red. We found we have to buy name brand Hanes to she doesn't rash. We never had any other issues with her

    We did a lot of research on bottles before we had Joci. If you are going to nurse, you need to get a bottle (for pumped milk/supplemented formula) that has a similar feel to the breast. Also, definitely buy only bigger bottles or very few small ones. There isn't really a reason you can't use the big ones on a new born since you will have to hold it for them anyway.

    Here's our opinion on some of the main bottle makers:
    Advent: We originally bought these, but then it came out about the whole BPA in plastic. Back then, there were few options that were BPA free, so we switched off of those imediatly. The nipples were close in size to the breast, which makes it easier to switch back and forth. They are cheaper then most which is always a plus. The one down side I've heard from just about everyone, is that they can easily leak unless you get the collar on just right.

    Dr Browns: A lot of ppl swear by these. Our issue with them (and we never tried them for this reason) is, the nipple is really different shaped then the breast. Then there are all the parts. The straw inside is a bit of a pain to clean (so I've heard), and you have to have the bottle at some specific angle for it to work properly.

    We went with Born Free
    At the time they were the only ones that were BPA free. They also control gas just as well if not better then Dr Browns. We just fell in love with them! They have a couple of parts that you have to have to make them get the gas/air out, but they aren't hard to clean. The parts just go in the little basket dish washer thingy. The other thing we really liked about them, is that all the parts are interchangable with the sippy cups. so we had plenty of extra stuff for them and just bought 2 sippy cups. We were able to use the bottles themselves, and slip on the sippy cup handles on them to start the training process, etc...

    Random tip for gas/air control in bottles: I learned from Amy Schale, that you can put the Mylicon (or off brand) gas medicine drops directly into the bottle before feeding. Especially with formula, you can hear and see the bubbles going away.

    One other thing-
    I had a Boppy with Jocilyn. I found it a bit combersome. At times, I needed extra pillows under/on the side to get it to the level I needed it. I was at Jodi's house not long after Joci was born, and needed to nurse. She had a My Brest Friend that she let me borrow. After only one use, I realized how much more I liked it! We will be buying one of those for the next one. It has back support, which is crucial for me and my bad back. It straps around you so you can actually walk around with it on. It also has pockets so you can put pacifiers, etc in it. Jodi told me she kept a damp washcloth in there so that she could use it on Charis' feet to keep her awake while feeding.

    hope that helps!

  12. Hi M & B,

    I thought I would share a little on my observations in working with babies and families. First, whatever bottle, nipple or pacifier you use will depend on whether you are breastfeeding or using formula. As a rule, breast is best. So, if you can- breastfeeding is going to be the best thing for your baby and to try to go for atleast 6 mo. and you can pump breastmilk and save it so that Ben can feed her. By the way, my mother is a lactation specalist, she did her PhD in Nursing on breastfeeding, so if you need any help, she's the one to go to when you get to that point and have any challenges/ questions.

    All of the families that I've worked for have all used Dr. Brown's bottles whether they are breastfed or using formula. I really haven't seen nipples used, esp. not the old fashioned rubber ones. I've seen all types of pacifiers used, I would get a higher quality that looks more comfortable (softer material), because it will determine longevity. Babies are very different in terms of pacifiers and whether they like one or not.

    As far, as baby detergent- I have washed a lot of baby clothes and it really depends on how sensitive the baby is and if any food/ skin allergies come up if it is required. Keep in mind that most mothers try to do everything by the book when they begin, and then begin to relax a little and find their own way and what works for them... I personally use Seventh Generation laundry detergent and cleaning supplies to minimize chemicals, dyes, etc. that I'm exposed to, so would the recommend the same thing to you. You may find that your baby will tolerate the same detergent that you use, I would do it by trial and error. I have found that if a baby is sensitive to baby formula, he will be sensitive to what laundry detergent, lotion etc you use.

    Hope that helps and remember you don't have to get everything right now, you can get things as you go and you will have plenty of time to spoil Pierson!


  13. Bottles / nipples -- whatever you use, get something that is BPA (bisphenol-A sp?) free. It's an artificial hormone that seeps out of plastic, especially clear plastic, and accelerates when heated.

    Jocilyn did IMMENSELY better with bottles that reduced gas. We used Born Free. They are insanely expensive, but they were VERY simple in design. The glass bottles are more $$ than their plastic. No tiny tubes & parts to clean, etc. to clean, which also means no tiny little tubes & parts to lose, and to gather germs and mildew.

    We did not sterilie Jocilyn's bottles as we felt thorough washing was fine, and would allow her to be introduced to normal pathogens so her immune system would be ready and able to fight off infection better than if in a totally sterilized environment. It seemed to work -- she gets ill far less frequently than we do! hahah

    Pacifiers -- it's a trade-off. Accoridng to the nurse teaching pre-labor class @ Dallas Presby, the paci's that protect the baby's teeth are bad for the pallate & can affect speech, and vice versa for the others. We used the non-teeth protecting paci's at first and then switched. No clue if that was the right thing to do there or not.

    Ultimately, throw away all the advise and decide what you and Daddy think is best, be flexible, and figure out what works for Mommy, Daddy, and Baby! :-) I think the 2nd most important skill is to just roll with the punches -- every baby is different, and that the 1st most important skill is to trust your Mama Bear instinct when it shows itself!

    You guys are going to be such great parents!!


  14. Hey girl,
    Sorry to be SO late in replying to this post, but a simple piece of advice that I didn't see recommended yet. Our midwife recommended finding a bottle nipple that resembles Mom if you're planning to breastfeed primarily. Of course, I'm happy to help with any other specifics. Just call or email. Love yall! Megan