And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, January 1, 2010


WARNING: Picture Overload!!

Since today is a day is a day that most people spend celebrating, I will finally make this overdue post about a special celebration that occurred in November! It was celebrating the life of a most amazing hubby!!!

I need to start it with apologizing to our dear friend Steven that took all of the pictures. I was so excited to post about the party and kept begging for the pictures. He wanted them to be perfect and I kept rushing him. So, he made many sacrifices to get them to me quickly. Then, I started having a bunch of seizures and have struggled to accomplish much of anything! Thus, no post until today. So sorry.

Now, for the fun!!

This was a big year for my man...the big 3-0!! Yep, he's officially getting old.

We started the weekend with me getting B out of the house Friday afternoon. This gave his parents (who live in PA) time to sneak in and hide in the guest bedroom. When we got home, his Dad called to tell him Happy Birthday! Then, his Dad said, "I sure wish we could be there with you!" B agreed! Then out walked his parents from the other side of the house!! It was awesome! Such a fun surprise!

So, we all went to dinner that night to celebrate this great guy!

His little b-day cake!
Can't have too many candles since he's getting so old,
gotta worry about his lung capacity!

With his parents!!

My Sweet Mommy!

Me & My good lookin' man!!!

All of us together at dinner, celebrating him!!!

The next day, B was asked to be the Honored Hero for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Clay Shoot. So, B, his Dad, & his buddy, L, all went out to "shoot some clay!!" B's Mom and I drove out to hear B speak at the lunch after the shoot. All the while, my Mom was back at our house working herself to death to make the evening perfect.
B & L teaching Miss R (my sweet friend's daughter) how to shoot clay!

B shootin'...

The Honored Hero (my hero), speaking at the lunch!
This is the shirt that he wore to every single chemo treatment!
So, once this was over, his Mom and I rushed back to the house where my Mom was working like crazy. We sent B & his Dad to go look at plane museums. They love stuff like this (me, not so much). So, he had no clue, he just thought it was part of the b-day weekend!

My hubby absolutely loves Taco Bell. I know, I probably shouldn't admit that. I actually tried to get Taco Bell to cater for his sake. Our guests might not have eaten much, but it would have made his day. Anyway, On The Border has been wonderful to us here. When the docs put me on this nutritional therapy, they worked hard to try to make some items on their menu work for me. So sweet!

Anyway, when we couldn't make Taco Bell work, On The Border came through with flying colors!! They catered the party and Miss Courtney from OTB was amazing. Mom went to get the food, but Miss Courtney wanted to come to the house and help. She was only required to have it ready for us. However, she came to the house and was here all night making sure that everyone was taken care of so that we could all focus on lovin' B and celebrating him! So, if you go to OTB in Rockwall, tell them you are there because you heard how amazing she is!!!

Here are the pics from the party:

Isn't this cake amazing? A friend of mine from high school, Tracy Green, made this. This is her website so that you can all order a cake from her! We were all so impressed! It apparently tasted amazing, too!!

All the kiddos that were at the party.
We used our extra room as a playroom.
Miss R, that B taught to shoot earlier in the day,
was awesome and helped watch all of the kiddos!!

Ben's favorite cake is a cookie cake!
So, his parents got him a cookie cake, too!

This is L, that went to the LLS Clay Shoot with B,w/ his little girl.
We couldn't have pulled off the surprise without him.

Get comes the b-day boy...
He's figuring out that something is up...

"Whoa...there are a lot of people in my house!!!"

Everyone is here for you, B!!


This is Cancer FREE Nate!!!
This is the little guy that you've all been praying for,
that is now in remission!!
Can I hear a Praise Jesus!?!

I think he's enjoying his surprise b-day!!

My Mom, B, and behind them is my friend, K, Miss R's Mommy!

The best lookin' b-day guy ever!

Mom & Miss Courtney from OTB!!!
These two women worked harder than anyone that night!!!

Sweet friendships were created that evening!

This was the first time she's let a dog love on her in a while
& Hank gave her all kinds of kisses!!

B's Ol' Lady (roomie in the Corps), R!

It was so fun getting to celebrate this man!!!

Thank you so much to everyone that made his day so special!! I feel so blessed to have him here by my side, my cancer survivor and just all around unbelievable hubby!!!


  1. YAY! I was waiting for this post! Beautiful documentation of a wonderful day celebrating an incredible man! So glad we could join in. Let's see yall SOON!!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Ben!!! Meredith, you look beautiful!!!!

  3. What an awesome birthday!!! Meredith you look amazing! You two are so blessed to have each other! Still praying for you all!

  4. It was a great time! Was so good to see you both! Glad you enjoyed the pics! :)