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2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, September 3, 2012

Important Business with Winnie the Pooh

We would love ideas from all of you experienced parents on the next car seat for our girl!!

P is about to need to get out of the infant car seat...what is the best seat that could be forward or backward facing?  She's still a skinny little thing and so she's supposed to be backward facing for now.  However, she's getting a bit too tall for the infant carrier.

This is serious business, folks!  I have to sit in this seat while I take care of important phone calls with Pooh!!!
Just kidding!!!!  Will you come sit with me, too?  We could have fun playing with my Pooh phone!
Mommy and Daddy sure would love help on picking the right car seat, though!!!!  We had great advice on the infant carrier and have loved it.  Now we need to find something new for our growing girl!!!

Y'all were incredible with the advice on the diapers at bedtime.  We switched to night time diapers and we've only had one morning that required new sheets!!  Thank you!!!


  1. That is amazing that P lasted this long in the infant carrier!!! Britax always has good ratings on car seats. We have the Britax Roundabout. I think they need to be rear facing until 2 years (college)by law now. "A" has much more room and is doing well in it now. She loved her carrier though! We always check Consumer Reports for the ratings.

  2. britax marathon or roundabout. one is smaller than the other. we have used them for both our kids when they moved out of infant car seats. love them. they seem super cozy, they are easy to install, remove, reinstall.

  3. SJ has an Evenflo Symphony and it is great!! It is the easiest to install of any seat we have owned in 9 years of carseats!!

  4. I've had the Britax Roundabout and Marathon. The Roundabout is smaller. I would say go with the Marathon so it will last longer. I've had all 4 of mine in both of them and they are great!