And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home!!

There is much to write, but I'll try to keep it short and share the details this week.

First, thank you to everyone that made it possible for us to be at the Mayo Clinic for so long!  We had Grandmothers, Grandfathers, friends, aunts, etc.  Little Miss P was so blessed.

More than anything, I want to share about some special time today at church.  Little Miss P loves worship.  So, B usually checks her in to the nursery to save her spot.  Then, we all go worship and he takes her to the nursery when the service is starting.  However, we got in trouble for that a few weeks ago since that means a baby is checked in, but isn't really there...

This morning, we just wanted more time with her since it's been two weeks.  So, we decided to take her to worship and hope there was still some room in the nursery when worship was over...there wasn't.  That meant she had to sit still for an hour long message from Pastor Evans!!

Yeah, Right!!!  Little Miss was excited to be moving!!  When we left for Mayo, she was doing some walking, but she didn't mind crawling when walking took too long.  Now, little Miss is running all over the place!  So, we had to just sit at the back of the church and in the foyer today with her so that she could expel all of her energy.  She ran up and down the hallways, not seeming to get tired at all!

B had been running all over the place with her and was missing most of the service.  So, I tried to take over.  She was running everywhere!!!  Then, she saw two little girls.  She walked up to one of them and just wrapped her arms around her waist so tightly!  She gave the sweetest hug!!!  She kept on hugging her.  Miss P had her momma starting to tear up a bit...

My sweet little girl that has never really been a cuddler just walked straight up to a stranger and started sharing hugs!!!  After some time of huggin' on her new friend, she turned to her friend's sister and started hugging her, too!  She was just sharing all the lovin' she could with her new friends! 

As they left, we went back over to Daddy!  He had witnessed the sweetness, as well!!  About that time, a lady stepped in to the hallway with her 18 mos. old son.  P reached out and started trying to hug him, too!!  It was a special morning for Mommy and Daddy to watch our little one lovin' on others.  Sorry if this was a braggin' post, but we had to share!!!


  1. Love love love this post!!!! We love you and your family! Praying for you! Miss P made you and Jesus proud! What a beautiful moment! Glad you are home!!! Praise Jesus! Hugs! The Leathermans

  2. Wow!! The flashback to the cry room and foyer at OCBF!! We spent many a Sunday in those places. Such a sweet story! I smiled just thinking of that scene... and B... I know that is a pretty large foyer so I know you both were tired!

  3. Very sweet story! I know you are GLAD to be home. When you have time, I sure would like to hear how the treatments went at Mayo and how you are doing now.