And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Update

First, I must say that you are all so precious!  I have received so many e-mails asking me to post an update on how I'm doing...I guess I think y'all would be sick of hearing and so I don't mention it.  However, enough of you have asked me to post more often.  So, I will try...

Second, WOW on the replies to the baby stuff post.  Y'all are rockstars!!  I received comments, e-mails, etc.  So much to consider!  Thank you!!!

Finally, the update:

I'll start with the Praise!  The longest I've ever gone without a seizure was seven days.  That was last month.  The next longest was five days & that was at the end of May (pregnant).  Before that, it was four days.  So, we are seeing progress!  The four day seizure freedom was prior to the pregnancy.  The rest has been while we are pregnant.  So, we are seeing how this precious little girl is such a miracle in more ways than one!!!  To the praise:  I went eight days without a seizure!!!!!  Thank you, Lord!  It's amazing how much I'm able to accomplish when I'm not having seizures.  Energy returns and apparently I do, too!

We were able to rearrange a lot in the house this weekend to make room for our little miracle!  Her room was stuffed to the brim as the "catch-all" room and so we had to find a new home for all of that.  We seem to have made it work.  Now, we just need to decide how we are going to decorate her room!

Here is "good lookin'" putting her crib together:

Mom bought this for us a few years ago when a local baby boutique was closing...
This is about as close as he was going to get of a picture of me that day!!
Conpleted Crib
The first gift ever from her Daddy is just hangin' out, waiting for her!!
To get back to the question you have all asked...
It is such a blessing to go that long without seizures.  Yet, they started back up today.  I had some in my sleep with Charley Horses.  Then, I had some throughout the day.  I'm at three seizures for the day & three or four Auras (the docs say these are still seizures, but they are less intense & so I don't count them as such).  We have no idea what the triggers could be...we have found that physical activity, standing, and reading are triggers.  I always go to the grocery store on Mondays and so there is quite a bit of physical activity, standing, and reading (love my coupons) that takes place at the store.  However, I also had a doc appt.  Then, after the appt, we went to a few stores to see if we could find ideas for her room.  So, I was standing most of the day.  Could that have been the trigger for all of today's seizures?  No idea...

I definitely get spoiled to all of the seizure free days, though!!  I love it!!  So, please join us in continuing to pray that God will perform a mighty miracle and heal these seizures!!!!  Please, LORD!!  We trust that you can do this!  We want YOU to get all the glory, LORD!!!

I'll try to post more soon....


  1. We are praying for you! I tell Caleb about you often. Seizures are so painful and makes us shed so many tears!!! But our Lord is big and powerful and is going to take the seizures away! We are so thankful for the Modified Adkins diet, it has helped so much but at times I wish we had more answers! Can't wait to get to Heaven to not ever hear the word "seizures".
    take care....Debbi and Caleb Sprang....Caleb likes your bracelet!! He wears one too.

  2. So glad to hear that you are doing so well! Keep up the updates :)