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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 10 Must Have's-Do You Agree?

We are starting to do some baby shopping and are super overwhelmed!
So, all you expert Mommies, we need you!!! We found this Top 10 list of Must-Haves!

Is it true?
Do you agree?
What would you say that you can't live without?

Top 10 New Mom Must-Haves No One Tells You About

Forget what you’ve read in the baby books -- we go beyond the basics and get right to the good stuff.

You’ve read up on the best strollers and the safest car seats, and have stock-piled enough onsesies and diapers to last a lifetime. But when it comes to all those not-so-obvious baby essentials, sometimes no amount of prebaby planning will prepare you for the items you didn’t know to ask about. But don’t worry -- we asked for you. Read on as moms who've been there dish on all the baby essentials they didn’t know they’d need but couldn’t have lived without.
Gripe water1. Gripe Water
Why you need it:
First, let us say we hope you never have to deal with colic. But sorry mama, chances are you might. And when baby’s up wailing in the middle of the night and nothing will seem to soothe her? Trust us, you’ll wish you had a bottle of this stuff on-hand. So stock up early and grab a liquid dropper. Both will come in handy during teething time, too. Try Wellements Grip Water.

Fisher Price Seahorse2. Fisher-Price Ocean Soothe and Glow Seahorse
Why you need it:
A soft and cuddly stuffed animal that encourages baby to sleep? Genius. Which is probably why so many moms love it. Just lay baby down, turn the seahorse on, and back away from the crib slowly… The seahorse will light up, play a five-minute ocean track softly, and gently fade to silence as baby falls asleep. Bet that’ll be the best 14 bucks you’ve ever spent. (Toys R Us, $14)

Ultimate Crib Sheet3. The Ultimate Crib Sheet
Why you need it:
There's no getting around it -- changing crib sheets can be a pain in the butt. Especially in the middle of the night if baby's spit up or had a diaper explosion and there's no waiting that one out until morning. Which is why so many mamas love The Ultimate Crib Sheet. Here's why: It's a sheet and matress pad all rolled into one, with the top layer wicking away moisture, spills, and anything else that may come into contact with it. Plus, the top layer is see-through, so you can fit your favorite sheets below to still see its cute pattern, but only have to take off the top layer when you need to wash it -- leaving the sheet below untouched. Amazing! (BuyBuyBaby, $20)

Air venting bottles4. Air-venting bottles
Why you need it:
Baby gas is no walk in the park. And the pain and uncomfortability it brings along with it can make your little guy not just more irritable, but also less likely to sleep through the night… and that’s no fun for you or him. When you’re registering for bottles, do yourself a favor and go with one that has plenty of air-vents. A bottle with a specially designed venting system will help cut down on the excess air baby takes in when he drinks, thereby cutting down on gas. Plus, they also help with colic. Our picks? Try Dr. Brown’s bottles (Toys R Us, from $10) or BornFree bottles (Target, $22.99).

Sophie teething toy5. Sophie
Why you need it:
Because there will come a time when you will do just about anything to make baby's teething pain go away. Let us introduce you to the miraculous healing powers of Sophie, the giraffe teether. She's made of natural rubber, food paint, and no toxic gunk whatsoever, which moms love. But why does baby love her so much? Jury’s still out on that one. Maybe it’s because her chewable appendages stick out every which way, making her easy to chomp on; or that she squeaks when you squeeze her and seems to be the perfect size for baby’s Kung-Fu grip. Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear: Her miraculous ability to keep baby happy (and silent) makes her a definite must-have. $22, The Land of Nod

Glider6. A Glider
Why you need it:
In those first few months with baby -- when it’s time for another middle-of-the-night feeding and you’re running on three hours of sleep and sheer will -- trust us, you’ll be happy you chose a good glider for the nursery. They’re not just perfect for feedings, but also nice to have around if you want to rock baby to sleep, read him a book, or pass out in yourself when you can’t quite make it back to your own room. Which one to choose? Check out the Dorel Baby Rocking Chair Bundle (Walmart, $170).

My Brest Friend7. Nursing pillow
Why you need it:
Newsflash: Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. And it ain't always so comfortable, either. Enter the nursing pillow. Its U-shaped and cushy design makes it nice and cozy for baby to lay on during feedings (not to mention helps her latch better), but also takes a load off your arms and helps prevent back pain (score!). Which one’s best? Moms swear by the Boppy, but we’re also big fans of the (very aptly named) My Brest Friend. (Boppy: Target, $30; My Brest Friend: Amazon, $45).

8. A travel chair
Why you need it:
It’s no secret that babies and restaurants don’t always mix. But at least there’s one invention that will cut down on the chaos when dining out with your little one – the travel chair. Fixing itself easily onto the side of any dining table, you can store a travel chair in the back of your car. While it's perfect for restaurants, it's great for those trips to Grandma’s too.
Moms love: Phil & Ted’s metoo travel chair, $50

9. A swaddle blanket
Why you need it:
Ah, the swaddle blanket… comforting babies (and saving the sanity of moms) everywhere for centuries. By wrapping baby up snuggly, you’ll not only help her self-soothe, but also ease her off to sleep faster, since being swaddled will remind her of her days back in the womb. And a calm, sleeping baby is always a plus.
Moms love: The Miracle Blanket (because yes, it actually works miracles), $30

Fisher-Price Rock N Play10. Fisher-Price Rock N' Play Sleeper
Why you need it:
Maybe it's the position the Rock N' Play hammock allows baby to rest in or the gentle rocking that's created when you turn it on... whatever the reason, babies seriously love the Rock N' Play. And so do moms -- especially ones with babies suffering from colic, acid reflux, or chronic fussiness. (But don't just take our word for it: Seems like the Rock N' Play is fast becoming a Bumpie-approved favorite, too.) Interested? Order one now through Amazon ($60).


  1. YES ON THE SWADDLE BLANKETS AND THE SEAHORSE SOOTHER GOES EVERYWHERE EMMY SLEEPS! Yes on a boppy pillow because you can use it to nurse, teach them to sit up and now she lays and put one on her tummy and it helps her to feed herself her bottles. You can have my travel chair. Waste of money as it didnt fit on a lot of rest. tables. The crib sheet thing is smart, I have never had one though. Hope this helps!

  2. meredith - I agree on the swaddler, nursing pillow (i used a boppy but the one listed looks cool), travel chair, glider and gas drops. I hadn't heard of that crib sheet thing but looks cool. A friend gave me the idea to put multiple layers of sheets & water proof mattress pads so you could just take off wet sheet and pad and have a clean one underneath, so I just did that.

  3. I totally agree on the gripe water, the "My breast friend"(best for c-sections and fluffy women) and boppy has so many practial uses when playing. Dr. Browns bottles rock but be sure to purchase an extra package of the little bottle brushes to clean them. If you have a choice of something that has a viabrate option on it, get it!!! So excited for you guy!!

  4. I completely agree with the Gripe Water! My son was SO colicky and it worked wonders (the Baby's bliss brand worked better for my than the Little Tummy's brand)! As far as bottles go, I used The First Years Soothie (the same shape as the Soothie pacifer they give you at the hospital) which has the venting thing without all the extra parts. And if your little one likes those Soothie Pacifiers, look up Hawaiian Medical for the Gumdrop pacifier. It is the same shape as the Soothie but curved to fit their face and has a nose cut out. I'm so excited for y'all!

  5. I never thought I would use swaddlers but they are life savers! Agree with the boppy - great for nursing, CZ liked using it when he gave the kids their bottles and great for sitting support and tummy time. I used Gerber multiuse pads as my sheet savers and to protect the changing table cover. I also used Playtex Drop-ins since the nipple is just like a breast if you nurse. CZ also liked the glider/rocking chair. Happy shopping!

  6. i have the ultimate sheet (actually two so i can replace it without having to rush a load of laundry) and it ROCKS! embarrasing to say, but i can't remember the last time i washed the 'real' sheet, but don't feel like i need to cause it ain't touching little man's body!

    and another thing that is a life saver... the snap-n-go stroller. baby trend and graco both make one. super awesome when the critter is in the infant seat. and has great storage for all the junk that must travel with said kiddo.

    and in terms of travel high chairs... something like the fisher-price healthy care booster is awesome. ( we keep it in the back of the car and take it (easily) into restaurants, friend's homes, grandparents, etc. it is awesome. plus you don't have to have your kid eat off the table. although i'm not a germaphobe per say, i just don't like cleaning up after the kid when the table is his plate! this minimizes the 'under the chair' mess too!

    that about covers it.

    oh yeah, and if you are going to breastfeed, definitely try lilypadz. loved them.

  7. oh yeah.

    and aden & anais swaddle blankets. huge and muslin (so breathable). i used them to swaddle, nursing cover, carseat cover out and about. awesome.

  8. Hi Meredith,

    How EXCITING.. you got to shop for your little princess! Oh no, you are going to have to share your name?! I am not a mother, but I have helped take care of several babies as a nanny, so I can offer some advice.

    1. Gripe Water?! Never heard of it.. maybe it's a Texas thing :)
    2. Fisher- Price Ocean Soothe and Glow Seahorse, yes.. is great! couldn't get the kid to sleep without it..
    3. Yes.. very useful, also need one over changing pad, babies are messy...
    4. Everyone uses Dr. Brown's bottles, so helpful and worth the extra money.
    5. Sophie.. never heard of it, must be another Texas thing :), but teethers will be needed def. by 6 mo. old.
    6. Glider.. is great! The modern rocking chair, a must for a getting a baby to sleep, probably also helpful for breastfeeding.
    7. Nursing pillow, hear it also a neccesity. I personally don't know much about breastfeeding, but hear it is very useful. You can also use it to help the baby to sit up later on.
    8. A travel chair.. another darn Texas thing, you get all the good things, don't you?!
    9. A swaddle blanket, don't know anything about this one, usually you only swaddle a baby in the first month or two to help them get adjusted to being outside of the womb...hence I've only taken care of babies over 3 mo. old.
    10. Rock' N' Play Sleeper, use this one a lot with different families, is very useful when baby is fussy.

    I would also recommend Baby Burt's Bee's products as an indulgence..the baby powder does not contain talc and it is all natural so it is great for the baby. I think getting a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier will be really helpful so you can get some stuff done around the house!

    I also think you should get some baby sleepers with feet (preferably with bunny feet).. so cute! and don't forget that this little princess is going to be a girly- girl so you need some cute bows and headbands with flowers to make her look adorable!

    Hope that helped!

  9. 1. lei spit it out
    2. we didn't have one but looks fun :)
    3. saves your sanity after a 3am poop explosion
    4. she loved dr. browns!
    5. she still loves sophie!
    6. yes! you will be sleeping many hours there, too!
    7. we used our boppy a lot...but more for playing than nursing
    8. we've just started using our travel chair at home...but haven't really tested it out at a restaraunt yet
    9. lei hated being swaddled...she didn't read the memo
    10. didn't have but looks cool

    so, so excited for yall! we need some belly pics stat! xo

  10. Here are my thoughts...Gripe water- disagree on that for sure. My daughter had terrible colic, and gripe water just made her MORE mad and throw up! We used sheet savers- LOVED those. Looks similar to that sheet thing- really handy! Bottles, we used playtex drop ins. Loved them, they helped with colic, and also had non confusing nipples that you can choose. (they have 4 different types so you can find the right one for your baby) Glider was awesome. I prefer a nursing stool to the rocking footrest though! DEFINITELY need a Boppy, or something of the like! We just used our baby carseat/carrier at restaurants until they were big enough for the restaurant's highchair. Swaddle blankets are awesome, and we preferred a reclining swing. (Graco- loving hug one is awesome. The one posted looks cool too- just never seen before so can't say) Another top favorite baby item that a lot of people won't tell you about- cloth diapers to use as burp cloths! They are super absorbant and thick, and better than any other burp cloths we found on the market. Gerber Diaper Service ones were my fav! Exciting that you're getting to shop/register(!) for your little one!

  11. We got a Boppy and then tried the My Breast Friend when at a friend's house. I was amazed at how much better the MBF was! Even though I have a Boppy, I will be buying a MBF one whenever we have a second one!
    We LOVED the Born Free bottles. So nice to have the gas control. I've heard so many people say that the Dr Brown's ended up being a pain to clean with the straw parts and such. That's the very reason we did Born Free. I just put the 2 little valve parts in the dish washer container (and rinsed them afterwards) and was good to go!