And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, December 7, 2012

WOW! Nate!!

From Nate's Daddy: 11:31am Dec 7
UPDATE: Nate is steady enough that they are discharging him from the hospital today. They are still very concerned about him and we are being sent home with lots of equipment, IVs, meds, etc. but at least he gets to go home. I think he will start to do even better at home. They are weaning some of the meds that have been keeping him comfortable to get a true assessment of what he needs to get through the day and to tell what is Nate and what is the meds as far as his overall state. Even so, the improvement he has made so far since Monday knowing that the scans are terrible and that they show tumor coating in his brain and spine with rapid progression has been remarkable and nothing short of amazing. Even with the meds, no one could have said that he would look this good again maybe ever....certainly not within the same week. In fact, because of how fast he has gotten back to this point tends to make you think that he was not and is not in danger of passing very soon...but scans, tests, medical professionals all look at this as an end of life period...they all want him on Palliative and Hospice care and have asked us to strongly consider signing a Do Not Resuscitate for him. We have talked to both Hospice and Palliative both and we may eventually decide to go that direction, but as of right now...we have chosen look beyond the scans and tests and have focused on what we see happening right before our eyes...Nate is improving and improving much more and quicker than anyone believed he would or could have...we know God has done this for Nate and that without HIS mercy and power that Nate would not be alive today. We were told Monday that he may never wake again for anymore than a few minutes. I want to make out very clear no med, no doctor, no parent, and as much as I think of my boy as the ultimate fighter and super hero...none of that and none of us could have made or done what happened this week. I don't know why he has not died yet, I don't know why others have....I wish all of these kids were cured right now...I also don't know if what might happen to Nate this weekend, this month or this year or the next. Truth is, he could make it through something like this ten more times, a hundred more times...or he could be doing better than he ever has done since having cancer and die that day. I have learned to enjoy each day with my all of my sons and to be the best dad I can to them...because I do not know what tomorrow holds....but I do know this, GOD is in control and no matter how bleak the situation gets, he knows about it and that if I talk to HIM and ask for others to pray also, then HE listens and HE decides what is best. I don't know what is best, I don't want to run the world, there is so much comfort in knowing that HE had that covered. So today we are going home, tomorrow who knows, but come what may PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! I don't know any other way to seems to make the most sense to turn to HIM in prayer and to ask others to do so also. Thank you all for your prayers and for turning to HIM on behalf of my Nate. I desire that GOD will bless you and keep you close to HIM for the love that you have shown toward my family. To GOD be the glory and may all of heaven and earth shout his praises! As things develop toward more care and we have more answers, I will send out updates. Right now, the hope is that a time released chemo drug in Nate's body will release over the next six weeks and eradicate the cancer and that we can then run further MRIs, assess where we are at and then go from there most likely in Los Angeles...please continue to pray for continual improvement. Thank you again and may GOD bless you all.

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