And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, June 7, 2012

P's toes

Update on P:
  • Since our appointment with Children's couldn't be until next week, our Pediatrician had us come in yesterday to do some lab work.  P made us all very proud!!  I guess she's watched her Mommy get enough needles in her arm and realized it wasn't a big deal.  We took all kinds of things to distract her and keep her entertained.  However, she never even winced!  They had to stick her twice to get all the blood they needed and she was such a trooper!!!!!  Yeah for P!!!! 
  • Yesterday we picked up all of the films from each X-ray that she's had since this started.  We looked at the first one and couldn't find a fracture on any of the images.  So, we read the report and it said there is inflammation and so it's "possible" there is a fracture.  The next two scans showed no fractures.  Thus, the imaging center probably gave our doctor's office an incorrect report and there was not a fracture to begin with...
  • We got a call first thing this morning that Children's had an available appointment this afternoon.  So, B cancelled all of his appointments and we headed off to Children's.
  • After getting checked in, doing family history, etc., we were sent to another waiting room.  After sitting there for an hour and forty five minutes, we asked why the long wait?  They said it's first come first served, no matter what time your appointment is scheduled!!   Huh?  P had fun, though.  She was walking up to everyone and waving.  She tried to hold a little boy's hand...good thing her Daddy didn't see that one.
  • Back to the waiting, we begged and pleaded and a precious lady at the front desk worked hard to get us back to see the doc sooner.
  • The doc had a bracelet on that reminded me of the Connor's Prayer Warrior bracelets that we all wore for many years.  So, I asked him about it.  He said it's for his son who has Neuroblastoma (the same type of Cancer that Connor fought).  We asked if he knew about Team Connor (As many of you know, Connor's Dad is B's managing partner!) and it turns out that he is actually friends with the family.  His son's name is Alex.  Let's all stop right now and pray for Alex's healing and encouragement for his parents as they walk this tough road!!!!!
  • Once he looked at P's toes, he agreed there is a problem and there never was a fracture.  
  • While in the appointment, the pediatrician's office called with the lab work.  It was all fine for the most part except the few things that said, something in her body must be swollen (tests measuring for inflammation)!!  We are still waiting on a few other tests.
  • The doc was amazing!  We were very impressed.  He was willing to say, "I don't know, but I will speak with a Rheumatologist tomorrow and my partners."  He also took some pictures of P's toes to share with each of his colleagues.  He agreed that this is a very odd presentation.
  • When we were giving our family history, we realized what a strong family history we have for autoimmune conditions (my seizures & thyroid, B's cancer, B's dad, & B's brother to name a few).  So, the chances are much greater that there is an autoimmune component.
  • Our pediatrician called tonight to follow up from the lab results.  B asked her how worried/concerned we needed to be or could we rest easy knowing all would be okay.  She is always incredibly calming.  However, tonight she calmly told us that we do need to be concerned.  So, we're praying that we can get in to see this rheumatologist quickly and that they can find answers for Miss P quickly! 
Thank you all for being such amazing prayer warriors for our family (and for Alex)!!

A quick smile for the road!

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