And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Does God Answer Prayers?

Prayer is powerful!!  God is even more powerful!!  We've seen it over the last two days!  Wow!!!  The Lord has answered many prayers!!!

As you know, we were concerned about the IV infusions for many reasons and had a few specific prayer requests...
*the treatment will run far, so good!

*they can find a good vein and not blow it so it's available for the rest of the treatments...the nurse did a fantastic job and has placed it each day on the first stick.  She was even able to use the same vein today that she used yesterday.  She also left it in tonight so that she won't have to stick me again tomorrow.
*the nurse truly does know how to administer this treatment safely...they even sent another nurse out to the house today so that our nurse could train her in how to administer this particular treatment.  So, there is a vote of confidence in her abilities!!
*I can still love on my sweet little girl...she definitely knows that something is happening to her Mommy (she wants to pull on all of the tubing any chance she gets), but I've been able to get some good hugs.

*B will be able to get work done from the house since we know he needs to be here to watch over the process since they don't seem to be on their game and if my seizures do increase like last time...he has been able to accomplish a lot from the house, but still come and sit with me when they are starting new lines or changing things.  It's wonderful to have him by my side protecting me.  I've also not had any seizures during the treatment (I had 16 seizures the first three days of treatment last time).  I only had a very small one on the way to bed last night.
*God will receive the ultimate Glory despite my yucky attitude right now in how this seems to be unfolding!!...only HE knows the answer to this one, but I pray that He is receiving glory.

The Lord truly has heard your cries and our cries and things have gone quite smoothly.  Tomorrow will be a tad different because the nurse already had another appt. scheduled before my orders came, she will be trying to start the treatment for that appt., another nurse will show up to finish covering that patient, and then she'll come here.  Thus, we will be starting a bit later.  Starting at 10am each morning has us finishing close to 5p.  So, if we start much later, we'll run in to the evening which is intended to be a bit of a celebration since hubby's b-day is on Sunday!!!

Do you want to hear about more prayers being answered?  I do!!  Our precious angel of a nanny told us today that she can at least stay until January, rather than the end of this month!!!!  She was able to speak with the family that she would be helping and they said they are good until January!!!  WOW!!  So, the Lord heard your cries and our cries, once again, and chose to answer our prayers!  Jesus, Lord, we thank you!!!

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  1. WOW!!! What wonderful news on all fronts!!! We serve an AWESOME God!!!