And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish....SUSHI!!!!

So, many are coming for an update!  Before that, we want to provide you with some pics of Critter with her newest thing...REAL FOOD!!!  She has really become a natural at eating some solids and she really does look forward to the time of day that she gets her solids.  We first tried carrots, and then had some sweet potatoes, and this week she has had green peas...YUM!  Anyway, as you see, she really enjoys her food!

Pierson's first bite of food...carrots!!


Update:  So, as you might know we had to put M in the hospital yesterday as she was not doing well with her seizures.  The doc decided to intervene with medication and, Praise the Lord, she has not had a seizure all day today.  Around five this evening the doc came by to follow-up and give us a plan of action.  

Ultimately, her goal while we are at the hospital is to stop the "status" seizures (M was considered to be in status on Tuesday-recurrent seizures in a 30 minutes window)...beyond that she is not too sure of what to do next.  So, together, we came up with a plan.  Long range, M will be off the diet.  Not because it hasn't worked, but because the potential treatment that could cure has somehow prevented the diet from working for the last two months.  So, it appears that we now need meds to control the seizures.  However, this has been a major dilemma in that all of the meds tried in the past, with the exception of IV meds, did not work.  So, we are working on finding a solution to that, as well.  

Bottom line, M has not had any seizures since starting the IV meds last night.  The docs original plan was to bring us back in to the hospital for a minimum of three days to begin a slow titration off the diet and an increase in meds.  Then, three weeks after M was completely off the diet and on meds alone, start the IVIG treatment again....

Obviously, we want what is best, but we were able to spend more time with the doc and go through some logical reasoning as to why we thought we might be able to safely come off the diet at this hospitalization; re-introduce meds; and not have to worry about another possible week stay at the Baylor Ritz Carlton Downtown Medical Center-  Ritz added for emphasis....

After making sure her malpractice insurance was up to date, she agreed and actually prescribed M something that we hadn't experienced or even considered in over two years....


That's right!!!  M got to have her very own sushi party!!!! before we get too excited, the doc was very concerned about the potential for seizures to come back, but she felt that if we were coming off the diet, why not go all out (this is the one thing M has said she's missed the most since starting the diet)....okay, maybe that was some of our encouraging.  Anyway, at the time of this post, all is well so far, and M is very full and satisfied with something she has greatly missed over these last two plus years!

Please continue to lift M up in your prayers as we transition to meds and pray that she would remain seizure-free whether on IV or oral meds and that we can get back on the IVIG treatment that will eventually cure M for good and most important of all....

M can continue to be a great mom to Critter, but even more, the mommy she desires to be to Critter!!!  Praise God for a good day!  To God be ALL the Glory!!!

Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. I am sending out a brief update to the office so everyone can be praying!

    I loved the pictures of Critter.

    Meredith-- eat up!!