And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, February 12, 2010

Aggie Bonfire 2010

On our way home last night, B said instead of a snowman, we should build an Aggie Bonfire. He was sleepy and so he barely made it through the news and was fast asleep. No Aggie Bonfire for us.

This morning, we were amazed by all of the snow. So, he went and took some pictures for me!!

Our House

Then, he disappeared out back for a while. Knowing B, I guessed he was cleaning off the driveway or something to that affect. I looked in the backyard and saw this!! WOW!! It's snowing in Texas!!!

Then, I opened the garage door and this was what I saw of the driveway. So, he hadn't been clearing it.
Then, I looked around the corner and saw these footprints going toward the front of the house.

So, I walked to the front door and peaked out the window and saw this!
Aggie "Stack" 2010

I kept hiding while trying to take the pics...

Then, I quickly remembered that every Aggie Bonfire needs a good orange t.u. Frat House (an orange "outhouse"). So, hoping he wouldn't come inside while working on it, I quickly went to work trying to create one for him. I had no idea what I was going to use to make it. However, as you can see, my many doctor's visits, lab work, etc., paid off today. This was a (TMI ALERT!!!) urine collection container that I never used. So, in my opinion it made for the perfect "outhouse!" Right? It was even orange!!!

Aggies say, "Beat the H-E-double hockey sticks out of t.u." However, I always said, "heck." So, B got to be the one to choose the word to fill in the blank.

Here he is getting the outhouse in place.

Look at how much snow we Texas!!!
Sorry, back to Bonfire....
Our sweet little guy, Rudder, posing with the A&M flag!
Isn't Hank gorgeous?
My Three Boys...
...and Aggie Bonfire 2010

Hank loved the snow!
Each time I stepped into the street to take a pic,
he came to the edge like this and just laid there and watched me.

One too many dog pics, huh?
Clearly we don't have children...
Occasionally, he would eat the snow!!

You can't have a good Aggie Bonfire without sawing off those longhorns.
I will cut off the horns of all the wicked...
Psalm 75:10

My Prince's Masterpiece!!!

Aggie Bonfire 2010!!! WHOOP!!!

Nothing like a good kiss at Aggie Bonfire!!!


  1. So cute!! You guys are so funny.

  2. Whoop! That's the best "snow" Aggie Bonfire we've ever seen! Thanks for sharing! What a fun blog post!

  3. LOVE IT!! great pic of u 2....

  4. Hook 'em Horns! Go UT!

  5. That's so cute :) Glad you guys had fun in the snow!!

  6. Saw your pics on Aggie Network and love your bonfire!!
    Keep the tradition alive!
    Jenny Howell '97

  7. I LOVE it! I am a FW native, living in CS, my "holy Land." I found your pics and blog on FB and will be a reader for sure!

    Gig 'em,
    Stephanie '94


  8. Best snow sculpture ever in Texas! Maybe this will hasten the return of bonfire on campus!!

  9. Love it!!! That is greatness....
    Amanda DeWitt Self, '03

  10. WHOOP!! Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing
    Andrea, '90

  11. That's awesome!
    I love it!

    Gig 'Em,
    Deborah '82

    BTHO KU!

  12. Awesome. I love it.

    BTHO Kansas...Whoop!

    Jonathan B. '06
    Emily B. '05

  13. Love it!! Crissy V. '98

  14. Fabulous! What fun. I wish that I could have been there. Ginger

  15. That was awesome! Gig 'Em

    Patrice '83

  16. I loved the photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Cindy '77

  17. you guys are amazing! love the aggie bonfire and all the homemade touches....whoop! that tops all of the snowmen i have seen in the last few days! gotta love those aggies : )

  18. I didn't know you were an Aggie--love the bonfire pics! My hubby is class of '89, and I attended for a year back in 86-87. Gig 'em!
    --Wendy from the keto group