And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, November 29, 2012


7:10p Nate Update from his daddy:

Thank you for the continued prayers...about all I can say right now knowing what we know so far based on the MRI reads is that this is going to take a little while to figure out. He has strange things going on that has everyone scratching their head...but it seems like nothing has made sense now for years. No doubt God is watching over Nate...the situation does not appear good right now and it is frustrating not knowing all the answers even with scans and tests right in front of you...but one thing is true God is with Nate and we will continue to hold onto that. As more develops tomorrow, I will update...the doctors both here and in Los Angeles are working diligently together to get us some answers and decide how to move forward. Thanks for the prayers.

Little Nate Update

From Nate's Daddy at 11:46am:

About to go into emergency MRI on brain and spine in Ft Worth. Will keep updated as things develop.

Prayers for Little Nate

From Nate's Daddy:

Nate had some odd things go on yesterday in the late afternoon briefly and then they went away. This morning he woke up with severe pain in various parts running up and down the spine area and legs. Something is just not right...getting ready to take him into the hospital here in Ft Worth and will talk to Los Angeles to see what we need to do. We thought we corrected some of this Tuesday, but obviously something else needs to happen. Please pray for answers today and for Nate to be protected...we know the aggressiveness of this disease from the past and even a few days can change quickly. Please Father in Heaven, Merciful Father...Nate needs your help and grace again as YOU have so often shown him. I will update again as I know more that makes sense. Thank you all for the prayers, that is what has helped us this whole time. May God bless you all for reaching out to our LORD in prayer on behalf of my son.

Monday, November 19, 2012


We have been out of the hospital for a few days and it has really been fun to get some time with Mimi and Pa!  Critter has absolutely enjoyed herself especially now that she has been reunited with Mommy and Daddy.  Saturday we all got to watch the Aggies and root for the good ol' boys before taking on some tex-mex at On The Border.  Let's just say that Critter did not disappoint in showing off her new salsa eating skills!

Sunday had a special treat as Critter got to meet her Great Aunt from New York.  She brought Pierson a beautiful shawl and a miniature puppy just like Critter's big one at home!   Critter was absolutely enthralled.  She's been running all over the house with her new puppy!!

With Aunt P & Uncle M
The whole Fam!
 Today we played hard as Critter got to ride on her very first Carousel, twice.  Our little girl loved it and cannot wait for her next opportunity.  Thanks, Mimi!  And while that should have been the highlight of the day, it may have been topped by Pa playing a form of hide-and-seek after dinner that filled the house with incredible and super contagious laughter!  What a special moment!

Riding the Carousel the first time with Daddy!
We found a smaller one that she wanted to ride, too!
Her second time on the Carousel!  She was waving at everyone!!

Can you see how much she was lovin' it?

So while we have had a long week and a half here it has been a joy for Critter to get some good Grandparent time.
Playing in Mimi & Pa's backyard.
Taking a break.  She loves the leaves.  She has a large pile next to her on the step that she spent much time gathering.
Running up Mimi & Pa's hill!

As for M, since being out of the hospital she has experienced much of the same...multiple seizures each day, a severe migraine that lasted for nearly two days.  A sweet moment occurred this morning as M was not feeling well.  The three of us were gathered on the floor playing.  With M lying down, Critter started grabbing available blankets and started to cover Mommy.  She even grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair and put it under Mommy's head!  What's a sweet and precious girl!

Please keep praying for M.  We are supposed to visit with our new doc Wednesday, but we are going to reach out to him tomorrow for follow up.  May he have a clear direction on where to go from here!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


P & Miss Cathy playing in B's parents' backyard!!

Mimi got Miss P a pair of Hello Kitty snow boots!  No snow here, but she loves the boots!!!!

This smile melts my heart!!!!

Saying, "bye," to Pa before he left for Africa!!!

Wearing Miss C's boots!!
Getting all of the leads placed on my head when we arrived at the hospital.


All finished!
Little Miss P visiting Mommy's room!
Snuggles with Mommy!!!  I love this sweet girl!!  She brought such joy to her Mommy's heart with her visit yesterday!!!!  She also put smiles on the faces of the docs & nurses!!!
We had a special visitor today, too.  This is Visa, she is a service dog that stopped by to visit because they told the Service Dog team that we are dog lovers!!!  She was a little sweetie!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The City of Brotherly Love

Another hospital, another stay in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU).  Usually, we go to the hospital to stop M's seizures.  This particular trip is much different.  The goal?  Seizures and lots of them.  Not what we necessarily want, but Lord willing what is needed to help provide better insight towards a possible surgical solution for M.  We ARE only in the beginning stages and still have a lot to learn. 

We checked into the Hospital yesterday afternoon and today has been a productive day...As of the time of this posting M is at 9 seizures so far for the day.  The good news is that our lead doctor feels that enough information has been collected and we will be visiting with him next week to get his interpretation.  A few more tests need to be conducted before we can officially leave, but this trip is for the most part going as expected. 

What a journey.  I don't think we quite realized our accumulation of EMU visits but we have spent months and months in several EMU's, including Memorial Hermann in Houston, Baylor Dallas, the Mayo Clinic, and now Jefferson Hospital.  Our trips have also included consults with the Cleveland Clinc and Johns Hopkins.  It really has been something to share our story with others.  But, God is still the hero and He alone is due all the glory and credit for this journey. 

We did have a special visitor today!  Our little Critter came up today to the EMU!  SSSSHHHHH!  What a sweet Mimi she has that was willing to make the drive with Critter and have the opportunity to love on her while here in the hospital.  It was such a special time and obviously great to still love on our little girl while in a different environment. 

So, we'll post more later.  Please pray for the wisdom of all those involved and that there will be clarity in exactly what is supposed to happen from our time here.  Today has been very exhausting with all the visits and consults and the seizures.  May the Lord continue to proctect M and provide wisdom, understanding, and answers. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sweet Memories

Some of my most precious memoriesas a child are of sitting with my Grandaddy and watching football!  I learned to love football because of him and all of the time we spent watching the Dallas Cowboys together.

Tonight we were able to capture a precious moment like that with Miss P and her Pa.  I hope she creates many more special memories like this.

Miss P watching football with Pa!

Then she moved in to watch the Amazing Race with Mimi & Pa.
Such sweet memories! 
Miss P did very well on the plane yesterday!  We were in the bulkhead and so she got to sit on the floor and play!!

She thought she was such a big girl! 
Then she ate lunch in my lap!!

You can see she was having fun and Mommy was exhuasted!!

She loved looking out the window!!!

This is a girl after her Daddy's Own Heart (lovin' planes as much as she does)!!!  
Then it was time to take a nap, but it's sure hard to get comfortable on a plane!

So, I'll stand in Daddy's lap and wave at everyone behind me!

She met a sweet friend from Canada and tried to snuggle with her, too. 

Miss P tried so hard to sleep on the plane, but just couldn't get comfortable.  Within about two minutes of us pulling out of the parking lot at the airport, she was asleep in her car seat and slept almost the entire way to B's parents house!!!  Please pray for her to adapt well to a schedule while here.  She has a great schedule at home that she does so well with...however, she is very thrown off with the time difference.

B's Nana is having a heart catheterization tomorrow.  So, please send up some extra special prayers for her protection and the doctor's wisdom! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A picture is worth...

There really aren't adequate words for what we experienced last night!

Yesterday was B's birthday!  His favorite spot is Pappasito's.  So, Mom took us all for dinner.

B loves their salsa.  He goes through so many bowls it's amazing!  They never quite believe him that he'll go through it as quickly as he does.  Well, we called ahead  last night and they believed us!  His spot was ready, tons of bowls of salsa waiting to be devoured by him.  However, what we weren't expecting was....

Yes, you are seeing our 21 month old eat just about as much salsa as her Daddy!  She could have cared less about the chips, she just wanted the salsa.  She was grabbing huge scoops and eating them off the chip.  Then, we pulled out her fork so that she could eat her meat.  She could have cared less about the meat.  She scooped up the salsa with her fork!!!!

Did I mention that the bites that I took had my mouth burning?  It was spicy salsa.  My Mom coughed/choked with a few of her bites it was so spicy.  However, our little angel LOVED IT!!!

Not being able to get out and drive, I was worried that the gifts I found for B weren't exactly what he would have wanted for his b-day!  If you had seen the smile on his face and the pride beaming from this father, you would have seen that this was the greatest gift ever for him...his very own salsa eating buddy!!!!!

Really?  chicken?  That's it?

Here!  Dip it in this and it's worth it!!!

How about some more?

She never really touched her milk at dinner.  Ummmm...this is spicy, the milk should help.  Would you like your milk, Miss P?

"No thank you!  Salsa will be fine!!!"

I think she almost finished two bowls of salsa!!!

Finally, his b-day dessert arrived.  He's coaching her on how to help him blow out the candle.  Can you see the pride and astonishment in his eyes, though?  He's still overwhelmed with joy that his little girl loves salsa as much as he does!!!!

Happy Birthday, B!  We love you!!!