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2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, July 9, 2012

All the Mommies Out There

This could be a TMI kind of post.  However, I'm hoping that the sweet mommies that read this can help.

Little Miss P always gets a bottle before bed, always has...we see it as keeping her "full" so that she can sleep through the night (typically 11-12 hours)!!  Yes, we love it!

However, our little cutie pie, who clearly has us wrapped around her fingers (see below), has been waking with diapers so full that the sheets would need changing every day if not for sheet savers!  Her little diaper is about to explode and her PJs are sopping wet. 
So, what do we do?  Is that normal?  Do we start giving her less?  If we give it any earlier it would be at dinner...

As you can see, the girl loves to swing!!!


  1. first-you might try reducing her bottle by an ounce or two and see what happens. Then, there's a product called "diaper doublers" I think it's made by pampers. You insert it in the diaper and it's more absorbent. You might also try a new brand of diapers, or a larger size, which will naturally be more absorbent. Good luck!

  2. We used Buggies overnight diapers for several months for David.

  3. yes, that has happened to both my boys too! we use the overnight diapers too, which sometimes (but not always) helps. But, we have cut back the milk by about 1/2-1/3 and that makes the biggest difference...Benji doesn't even notice. He still sleeps through the night just fine. Hope you are doing well and feeling better these days M.

  4. Totally normal! Both of my kids did it--- we used the Huggies overnights too.. Also, if she's a heavy sleeper (we did this with Chloe, not with Jack) you can go in and change her diaper after she's been asleep for a while before you go to bed... that little extra helped her not be soaked in the morning. We could never do it with Jack because he was such a light sleeper!

  5. Bigger size for nighttime.

  6. One size bigger in Huggies night diapers. Had to start this when my kids were about 8 months old and it worked great!

  7. Yep, these mom's are right! I remember not even knowing they made overnight diapers with the 1st!