And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Very Belated Post from Connor's Mommy

Friday, February 12, 2010

joy journal

Many times, I've thought to myself, it's just not fair. It's not fair that Tait and I had to lose our beloved son when he was only 8 years old. It's not fair what Connor had to endure - the pain, the hospital stays, the years of treatments. It's not fair that Kenzie, Carson and Mason have to grow up without their brother, ConCon. It's not fair that these children should have to battle this horrible, dreadful disease. It's just not fair!

I want to demand what is fair and right. If everything were fair, everything would be great, right? As I continue to think about fairness, I realize there's another side to this coin. What would life really be like if everything was fair? What would I receive if I only got what was fair? What would I deserve? Would I deserve my great family of believers who have stood by us for 4½ years? Would I deserve all the blessings that God has poured out on me? Would I deserve to be the mother of such precious children? Did I deserve those 8½ cherished years with my beautiful, inspiring Connor? How did God choose to give me the honor of being Connor's mom? How did I win that lottery? I love the following quote. It reminds me to not focus on the "unfairness" that Connor is gone now, but to focus on the fact that he was mine for a time. "Don't cry because it's over, SMILE because it happened."

If we really think about it, what do we really deserve, if life was truly fair. In a life of pure fairness, some of our pain would be gone, but then again, so would some of our blessings. A life of fairness would bring justice, but not mercy. It would bring judgment, not forgiveness. It would bring me ALL that I deserve, and when I think about my sinful life - I don't think I deserve all the blessings, forgiveness and mercy that have been poured out over me.

Maybe, what is better than fairness, is GRACE. GRACE would ensure blessings when we don't' deserve them and would carry us through the dark moments. GRACE would ensure forgiveness when we don't' deserve it. GRACE would allow us to be rescued from our sin for ALL time.

So, I've quit wishing for a life of fairness and I've started praying for an abundance of Grace! "Let us then approach the throne of GRACE with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find GRACE to help us in our time of need." Hebrews 4:16

Please continue to pray for our sweet friends who are facing the harsh reality that God's Healing Touch is their one true hope, because modern medicine is not offering any right now... Mike Phillips, Westin Deitz and Carson Richardson (he's in Guatemala right now with Dr. Rodriguez).

Always believing,
Joy Cruse

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Nate-from his Daddy

"Nate continues to do well. This past week was his 4th birthday. What an amazing gift from God to celebrate another birthday with our little guy. God has been so merciful to us and we are continually reminded of His grace to us all. Today Nate was playing t-ball with his brothers (in his walker) and having so much fun. He is becoming quite the Wii expert and learning the alphabet. (just being a little boy).

I ask that you all pray for Matt Burpee, (a five year old in Heath battling the same cancer that Nate did). He has started chemo and I remember how sick and weak Nate got. It is so hard to watch your child suffer and know you cannot stop the pain or sickness. Please pray for him and his family as they fight this battle."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Just thought I would post a few quick pics from church.

One of my dear friends, T, has seven beautiful children. They are all so incredibly polite, well-behaved, etc. They also love music. A few weeks ago, we look up on stage and this is one of her cuties pickin' up the guitar and going to town! Look at that leg propped up to hold it just right. He's into it and ready for a jam session! That's his brother on the left and one of our musicians on the right!!

Then, I look up and see these precious eyes!!

This is the daughter of one of our pastors. She is looking at a young man in our church, B. B was in high school, on stage, in a play, and had an aneurysm. He is now in a wheelchair, unable to really speak, etc., and he is part of our daily prayers for miracles. He can communicate through his eyes, though. Little Miss M here clearly knows that! I ask her if she was flirting with B and she said, "yes!"

Here's a cute pic of them together!!
Look at her snugglin' up to him!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Prayers

Could I get each of you to send up a quick prayer for this man!!

My amazing Hubby!!

He woke up this morning not feeling well. He canceled his first appointment, but went to the next and planned to be out working the rest of the day. However, he called around lunch and was feeling even worse. He almost "got sick" in his office. So, he has come home and I've got him tucked in bed. Mom made him some rice water to help his tummy. Once he wakes up we're going to try to help him a bit more.

Tonight is the awards ceremony/banquet for his office. It is also at a Flight Museum! So, he really doesn't want to miss it. Will you pray that he heals up quickly? Thank you!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Aggie Bonfire 2010

On our way home last night, B said instead of a snowman, we should build an Aggie Bonfire. He was sleepy and so he barely made it through the news and was fast asleep. No Aggie Bonfire for us.

This morning, we were amazed by all of the snow. So, he went and took some pictures for me!!

Our House

Then, he disappeared out back for a while. Knowing B, I guessed he was cleaning off the driveway or something to that affect. I looked in the backyard and saw this!! WOW!! It's snowing in Texas!!!

Then, I opened the garage door and this was what I saw of the driveway. So, he hadn't been clearing it.
Then, I looked around the corner and saw these footprints going toward the front of the house.

So, I walked to the front door and peaked out the window and saw this!
Aggie "Stack" 2010

I kept hiding while trying to take the pics...

Then, I quickly remembered that every Aggie Bonfire needs a good orange t.u. Frat House (an orange "outhouse"). So, hoping he wouldn't come inside while working on it, I quickly went to work trying to create one for him. I had no idea what I was going to use to make it. However, as you can see, my many doctor's visits, lab work, etc., paid off today. This was a (TMI ALERT!!!) urine collection container that I never used. So, in my opinion it made for the perfect "outhouse!" Right? It was even orange!!!

Aggies say, "Beat the H-E-double hockey sticks out of t.u." However, I always said, "heck." So, B got to be the one to choose the word to fill in the blank.

Here he is getting the outhouse in place.

Look at how much snow we Texas!!!
Sorry, back to Bonfire....
Our sweet little guy, Rudder, posing with the A&M flag!
Isn't Hank gorgeous?
My Three Boys...
...and Aggie Bonfire 2010

Hank loved the snow!
Each time I stepped into the street to take a pic,
he came to the edge like this and just laid there and watched me.

One too many dog pics, huh?
Clearly we don't have children...
Occasionally, he would eat the snow!!

You can't have a good Aggie Bonfire without sawing off those longhorns.
I will cut off the horns of all the wicked...
Psalm 75:10

My Prince's Masterpiece!!!

Aggie Bonfire 2010!!! WHOOP!!!

Nothing like a good kiss at Aggie Bonfire!!!