And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, June 30, 2017

Day Two Update

A sober reminder... Seeing Princess on a ventilator for the last two days is becoming less scary and I guess is settling in as a reality.  Sad to see this and hopeful for what can come in the future.  What was more sobering today was when we came out of the MRI.  For portions of the MRI, Princess was weaned slowly off of the sedation drugs.  While i got to see her beautiful green eyes for the first time in two days, there was no life in them.  She was not there...  The glimmer and sparkle and shine despite the seizures toll, was not there.  A very sobering reality that the next few days and hours are going to be tough.

So we are now back in the ICU, and the process to awaken her is starting.  I don't have a timeline, and I can only imagine it is going to take some time.  Furthermore, we still do not quite know if there was any brain damage or what effect her BIG seizure had on her.  Grateful for another day of friends-  messages, visits, texts, calls, etc.  Your support has meant so much!

Thank you for your continued prayers.  God has shown me today that all we need to do is ask and He will listen.  I asked for prayer for our nurse and the hope we would have the same one today...God provided!  I asked for prayer with the doctors and my conversations with them.  Praise Jesus, God put a check mark by this one as well and I have a wonderful conversation with Princess' physician and in fact they are good with our previous game plan and I think have recognized the progress and steps we have taken over these last 11 years.

So now we wait and see.  The next few hours are going to be tough.  I look forward to seeing my Princess again, and will continue to hold her hand.  I have been keeping her signature pearls on her and so there is great joy to see this. These pearls have made every hospital trip and were even worn for the birth of Critter!  Speaking of, please pray for Critter.  She is desparate to see Mommy, and as of right now it is not time.  Pray for Princess to be awake and for Critter to continue to be protected.

Prayer Requests:

  • Princess' sedation will be short and we will not have any complications as they wake her.
  • Coming off the ventilator will be easy and she will begin breathing on her own.
  • We will have not experienced any brain damage and that she will make a full recovery.  
Thank you again!


  1. I just met Meredith Sunday and was blessed by her joy and love for the Hickman's. We are praying, and also for Pierson who was such a good friend and leader to my little grand-daughter Isabel.

  2. Praying as requested for you all. Much love Ms Annie x

  3. Praying! Collin

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  5. Praying for Meredith and you all!!

  6. Still Praying, Ben!

  7. So many prayers for you and your family. Meredith has been such a mentor to me throughout my epilepsy journey, and I hate to see something like this happen to someone as kind hearted and brave as she. I hope and pray that there is no permanent damage, for no discomfort as she wakes, for all the doctors working on her, for you and your daughter, for answers as to why this happened, and for her to come home as soon as possible. Sending lots of love!!!

  8. What hospital is Meredith at? Would love to come by to pray with you.

    -Stephanie Fokas

  9. Praying for this sweet soul of Meredith and her family. You are all being lifted in prayer to our Father and Creator.

  10. Still praying for sweet Meridith and you and Pierson for complete healing in Jesus name. Amen