And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Overdue Update- Post Hospital

Our last update had us going to New York through a hospital to hospital transfer.  While our desire was to get there to begin getting care, God apparently had other plans.  The plan changed to be discharged from the hospital and await an outpatient admission to NYU as insurance was making the medical transport difficult and due to the time and distance involved an actual bed was not able to be kept open long enough for Princess and I to get to NYU.  We were discharged from the hospital and received no return calls from NYU.  As our weekend bore on us and we were now out of the hospital, we literally could not have even scripted what was to happen.  
Princess and I are richly blessed to attend an amazing Bible church in the Metroplex.  The teaching, the worship, the family…are so amazing and we cannot even do our Church home any justice in what I am about to say.  As many of you have read through our journey, you have recently asked us how do we have the strength to keep enduring this 9+ year trial?  Honestly, it comes from the Lord!  Yet, that Sunday we were stretched thin and quite frankly we were broken.  We truly were at our lowest point.  There truly was nothing left in us.  And despite the 20+ seizures per day that Princess was experiencing, we somehow were able to muster the strength to get to our “family.”  One of the constants for Princess in this 9 year journey has been the fact that physical activity (i.e., walking) can trigger seizures.  Obviously, in the state and condition that she is in, she was just physically unable to even walk into church.  Therefore, we did take her wheelchair to church.  We were running late and so we were escorted to seats in the front of the church.  It was announcement time and just before the announcements would begin our Pastor saw us getting to our seats.  Knowing the severity of our circumstance he came over to get an update.  What would then happen was humbling.  Call it a break from routine, he then shared with the entire congregation that he would like the congregation as a whole to go before us in prayer as I was asked to share our testimony and update.  Broken, tired, and weak, I tried to get out the words and the tears and sobs are all that could come.
But God spoke.

Ironically, the message for the day was how to deal with a crisis.  By the end of the message all those in the church that were dealing with a crisis were asked to come up front.  I imagine that probably half of the 3,500 in attendance came forward.  Thereafter, the remaining were asked to come and pray with each individual by name and for their crisis.  Like many others, we were quickly embraced by prayers and encouragement.  And as the service ended, many were lined up to offer individual encouragement for Princess and many handwritten notes of encouragement were placed in our hands!  What a body!  What a family!   What a humbling experience!!
One of the benefits that we got with being out of the hospital was having the blessing to be a Critter's last day of school.  With that we got to see her class' "Creation Story" and witness the cutest-ever fish/mermaid!!!

The class as a whole did a great job with each one having their own speaking part!  Great job by both the class and the teachers!

Lastly, we do especially want to thank again, our church family, but as well our sweet friends that were by our side in the hospital.  Several of you came by to visit and just sit and for this we are so grateful to have your encouragement, prayers, support, and even provision!


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