And He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Update From M's Mom!

Praise the Lord, precious prayer warriors....
The good news is that she is now stable.  
The bad news is that her brain is constantly seizing even when we don't see an outward manifestation.  The goal was to calm her brain, allow it to rest, and start trying to manage her meds better.  We thought that the rest part had been accomplished since she had almost made it 24 hours without a seizure.  However, this afternoon and evening she has had three more seizures and has just had to take the rescue medication.  The first one was before they had even made it on to I-35 from the hospital.  She had another bad one about an hour later once they got home.  Then, she had to step away from dinner to lay down and started to have another one similar to the scary one on Sunday.  B was able to act fast and get the rescue meds in her and she seems somewhat stable at this point, but the EMU is on call if she has another.
We have emergency meds; as well as, new daily medications to "try" to see if we can obtain relief.  The new Doctor is gathering all of her records, MRI's, and surgical notes from Jefferson, Mayo, Houston, etc., and then his team is going to outline an aggressive plan of action.  They have got to find a methodology that can reduce or control these devastating seizures.  
Since M's case is so rare and linked to an auto-immune disorder, they want to take a few weeks to ponder and then begin an aggressive course of Chemotherapy for the next year-plus to wipe out her immune system.  The hope would be that this would allow for a reboot, if you will, and then perhaps her body would stop attacking itself (i.e., her brain).
With faith, I am asking for God to heal her now so we can avoid such aggressive treatment!
Please continue to lift her up; as well as, the docs as they search for answers and a solution.
You, dear friends, are appreciated and loved beyond what words can express!!
D (M's Mommy)

P.S....So many of you have asked if you can prepare a meal or provide a gift card.  M is extremely limited as to what she can consume because of the additives, preservatives, and dyes....therefore, gift cards would be the best way to bless them (Kroger, Target, Walmart, Fuel, or Whole Foods).  Okay, Starbucks for B...LOL!!
Again, our love and thanks for being so faithful in calling out to our Savior on M's behalf.

Coming HOME!

Prayer Warriors and Friends,

WE did just get our orders for discharge.  We are very excited to be reunited to Critter and Miss C and everyone else.  Your prayers have been answered and Princess has had a good couple of days.  More importantly, her severe migraine and icky feelings that led up to her BIG seizure Sunday have each subsided and so she is feeling and looking more like herself today.

Big thanks to my coworker A.G. that sat with Princess today so that Daddy could take Critter to school today to meet her teachers!  WE will post more later, but just had to share the good news and praises to the Lord with you.

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your Heart." Proverbs 3:5

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Southwestern EMU Update

Precious Friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers.  What happened to M on Sunday night was something that we haven't ever experienced in the 7.5 years of this journey.  While our 10th Anniversary was not what we had expected or anticipated (celebrating in an ER), Sunday's tonic clonic seizures was an even greater surprise.  Thanks for M's mom for the previous update, you now know that we are hospitalized at UT Southwestern.  The hospitalization is in their Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) where M is undergoing evaluation and monitoring hoping to capture a glimpse of any changes, and shed light on what happened to M on Sunday.

We have been here for 24 hours and are just now getting settled in and getting everything squared away with the staff.  We are still waiting for the Doctors to come in and give some feedback especially now that M has had 5 more seizures in about 20 hours.

Praise the Lord, M has not had anymore of the severe seizures that had us scared, but we are praying for answers and directions as we are working with a brand new team of docs and facilities.

Pray for wisdom in the decisions to come.  Pray for Answers from the Doctors.  Pray for Healing!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From M's Mom

Well sweet prayer warriors, we need you big time today!
M's seizures have continued to progress in duration and intensity...and then she had a tonic/clonic (the old grand mal seizure) that lasted for one hour on Sunday.  We are headed to Southwestern Medical Center to the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit) to hopefully obtain peace and answers.  
This is all so scary and we truly and faithfully believe that God is going to heal her whether as a New Testament miracle or via the knowledge of a caring professional.  Please take a moment to lift her up in your daily prayers!
With love and appreciation,
D (M's Mom)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Encouragement and Prayers


Please pray for Princess right now.  She is having an awful day with her seizures.  I just got off the phone with her Neurologist and we are trying to quickly address Princess' seizures as today has been scary.  Prior to Monday, Princess had only experienced 7 seizures total in about 15 days.  It was probably one of the more recent and best times that we can remember.  The seizures that did happen mostly occurred during the night so it was nice to be able to function during the day!  However, Princess had 2 seizures on Monday, 5 yesterday, and 3 this morning (back to back over the span of just one hour!!!!). Please pray for her strength.  Please pray for her healing.

Today was exceptionally scary as we are seeing a much more intense seizure taking place.  What this means is that Princess is coming out of her seizures not knowing what is happening, what just happened, or even what to do.  While you may not be able to fully relate or comprehend, please pray for peace.

Thank you for praying and walking this journey with us!