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2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Car Seat

Where do each of you put your baby's car seat?

We have bucket seats.  So, the choices are behind the driver or passenger.


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  1. I always put Colby behind the passenger but that was because I was generally driving with him by myself and that way I could reach back and touch him if needed for comfort, etc. I would position it where it's easiest for you to reach her and see her when you are riding in the vehicle. Love you.....Michelle

  2. I always put them behind the passenger seat since I was usually driving alone. The infant carriers take up lots of room and we always had to have the seat fairly far forward and it was uncomfortable for me to drive, but okay for the passenger.

  3. Even though the "experts" will tell you to put the car seta in the middle of the back seat, I had to put Aden's car seat behind the passenger seat because we couldn't latch it in the middle. I like having it in behind the passenger seat because I'm usually alone when I'm in the car with Aden & it's easier to trun around quickly to glance at him, when needed. If you don't have one, you may also want to invest in a mirror that faces the car seat so you can see Pierson without having to turn your head. Can't wait to meet that baby! :)

  4. i put it on the driver's side when i had only one for two reasons...

    1. convenience since if it is only one person with the baby, that person is driving and you only have to go to one side of the car

    2. i also heard somewhere that people will instinctively try and protect themselves, meaning a driver will try and protect themselves (their side of the car) in a wreck... thus the kid who is on the driver's side of the car. but that may be hogwash, since wrecks generally happen super fast without any time to react. and of course if i think too much about it, now i have 'guilt' about my oldest getting the less choicier seat now that i have two!

  5. Hi M,

    When I had a carseat in my car with a child I worked with it was behind the driver's seat, which allowed me to see him in my mirror- but I would recommend the passenger seat because you can look over your shoulder a little easier to see how they are doing. By the way, would love to see a picture of the car seat cover!

  6. My husband installs them for the fire dept, and statistics show the safest seat besides the middle is behind the driver.

  7. We have buckets too. I put the infant carrier behind the driver's seat. Believe it or not, I can reach behind me much more easily to hand off the pacifier or toy if necessary. I can't reach the passenger side at all. Plus, when I only had one kiddo, it was more convenient to put them on my side than routinely having to walk all the way around the car every time we had to get in or out. With a little mirror on the headrest of the baby's seat, you can see them just fine. I suggest putting it in before Pierson arrives and driving around a bit. Try it on both sides and see which you like better.

    Just a few more days to go!! So excited for you all!! :)